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Test Preparation] Useful for Job Hunting! Challenge general common sense questions!

Test Preparation] Useful for Job Hunting! Challenge General Common Sense Questions! This is Kidaoka, Marketing Manager! In this article, we will introduce "General Common Sense Questions" that will help you prepare for the job-hunting test. For those who want to efficiently prepare for the written test for job hunting, or for those who want to make the most of their spare time! Our quiz creation tool [QuizGenerator] allows you to efficiently prepare for the test on your PC, tablet, smartphone, or any other device you have. Thank you very much for your cooperation. Click here for the Table of Contents 1. 【Beginner】Choice-Only Questions on General Common Sense Intermediate level] Challenge the right and wrong questions on general common sense 3. [Advanced level] Challenge the multiple-choice questions on general common sense 4. Introduction of QuizGenerator-based test preparation 5. summary Beginner level] Challenge the multiple-choice questions on general knowledge. Read the question and select the correct answer from the choices. Intermediate level】Challenge to correct/incorrect questions on general common sense Read the question and choose "0" if the answer is correct / "X" if the answer is incorrect. Advanced level: Compound questions on general common sense This section consists of "multiple-choice, essay, combination, sorting, and fill-in-the-blanks" questions. Here are some ways to prepare for the exam using QuizGenerator QuizGenerator is a web service that allows anyone to create quizzes easily. You can use the questions you create for free on the web in a limited or general release, or embed them in your blog or website, depending on your needs. Click here to see why QuizGenerator is effective for test preparation Besides studying for preparation and review, test questions similar to those on the real test can also be easily administered on a smartphone. ▼ The features of QuizGenerator can be briefly summarized as follows 1. You can check your level of understanding (achievement level) at any time. 2. Repetitive learning is possible, so it is easy to strengthen weak points. 3. You can study anytime and anywhere without time or location restrictions. 4. Questions that are difficult to understand can be set with "images, YouTube videos, and explanations. 5. You can hide grades and answers, set passing scores, time limits, etc. Anyone can create quizzes for free QuizGenerator makes it easy for even those who do not know programming to create quizzes the way they want by simply typing in the questions and answers in the specified format and in the specified sections. All quiz creation and settings can be done on the web from your computer. How to create a quiz If you are a first time user, we recommend you to use the question creation form. If you are a first time user, we recommend you to use the question creation form. If you have a large number of quizzes and want to create them quickly, we recommend the text form. If you want to make a batch quiz in a familiar file, we recommend you to make it in Excel. QuizGenerator allows you to create quizzes in any of the above three ways, depending on your level and ease of use. For detailed information on how to create a quiz, please check [How to create a quiz] here. It is introduced in detail with images. Conclusion In this article, we introduced "General Common Sense Questions [Mock Questions]" and QuizGenerator's quiz function, which are useful for preparing for job-hunting tests. Repetitive learning using QuizGenerator is a highly recommended way to build up the basics needed to solve the real test. QuizGenerator can be configured to suit your needs, such as time limits, randomization of the number of questions, and quiz questions for each subject (sectioned questions), by freely combining the free options available. We hope you will use QuizGenerator for your test preparation. We also recommend this! Also read "What is QuizGenerator, a learning tool to enhance educational effectiveness?

[Web testing is easy to implement! Advantages of Introducing Web Tests for Recruitment Exams

This is Kidaoka, Marketing Manager. With the spread of the new coronavirus, companies are rapidly moving their graduate recruitment activities online. Just as the need for online interviews and web-based seminars is rapidly increasing, more and more companies are conducting their recruitment exams on the web. We understand that many hiring managers are looking to improve their recruitment screening process in order to evaluate applicants "objectively and quantitatively". Therefore, in this article, we will introduce the advantages of introducing web testing and a learning tool that allows you to start web testing free of charge for HR recruiters. Advantages of Web Testing for Companies A web test is a test that is administered online, allowing you to take the test from home or from a test center using a PC. Here we introduce the features of web testing and its advantages for companies. Merit 1: Reduces the work process of managing test results and hiring In the hiring process, human resource personnel are required to manage applicants and many other work processes including selection tests such as "written and interview tests. When conducting paper tests, HR personnel need to grade and manage the results, but with Web-based testing, the scoring is done automatically. *It is possible to reduce the man-hours of your own employees. There is no need to worry about the management of paper tests, such as damage or loss of stored papers. Advantage 2: Shorter recruitment period Web tests allow applicants to download and view the results immediately after they have taken the test. This shortens the time required to conduct interviews, thereby shortening the time required to hire each applicant. It is also possible to conduct the test and interview at the same time. It is also efficient in that not only the company but also the applicant can take the test at his or her convenience. Merit 3: Reduced recruitment costs When paper tests are used, there are costs associated with the preparation, printing, and distribution of question papers, as well as costs associated with processing after the scoring is completed. However, by introducing web testing, the above costs can be significantly reduced. Back to Table of Contents How to Create a Web Test to be Used in the Recruitment and Selection Process In order to hire the talent a company is looking for, it is necessary to prepare test questions with content that will enable it to do so. Here we explain how to create a web test that can determine the talent you need within your company. 1. Clarify the purpose of the test The purpose of the test varies from company to company, whether it is to determine academic ability and skills or to prevent mismatches with the workplace. Clarify what the purpose of the test is. 2. Identify the necessary skills that the company is looking for. Different departments require different skill sets. For example, if you are looking for customer support personnel, you will need to have good communication skills and knowledge of the products and services that your company offers. 3. Set the level of difficulty of the test. By raising the passing score of the test, fewer people will pass the test, but only selected personnel can be selected. In cases where you want to hire a small number of excellent people, rather than a large number of people, we recommend increasing the difficulty level to narrow down the field. In general, it is said that the employment examination in a company is designed to achieve a 70% correct answer rate. Back to Table of Contents Quizgenerator," an easy way to create your own web tests Quizgenerator is a quiz creation tool that offers a wide variety of question types, and by freely combining options, can be used for any type of exam, including time limits, randomization of the number of questions, and quiz questions for each subject (sectioned questions). This is the perfect tool for those who want to set up questions on the web or conduct web-based examinations to understand the contents of corporate training programs. You can read more about the convenient use of ▼QuizGenerator in this article. ⇒For more information on the useful usage and features of QuizGenerator, please click here. Advantages of Creating Your Own Tests Web tests are not only provided by private companies, but you can also create your own original ones. By creating your own test, you can set questions based on the knowledge your company is looking for, such as whether you have the necessary specialized knowledge. Different companies have different workplace atmospheres, employee demographics, and skills required for practical work. If companies create their own tests and conduct their own examinations, it is not impossible to attract the ideal candidates. Back to Table of Contents SUMMARY In this article, we have introduced Quizgenerator, a free web testing tool for HR recruiters to learn about the benefits of implementing web testing and to get started with web testing for free.Quizgenerator is an easy way to create web tests for free, even if you have no programming knowledge. You can use Quizgenerator for commercial purposes. This one is also available for commercial use. Although we could not introduce it in this article, QuizGenerator allows you to set your original option values! For more information on how to use QuizGenerator, please refer to "QuizGenerator allows anyone to create quizzes easily and free of charge" here. Please refer to the following page. Back to Table of Contents
How to qualify for a change in Corona

How Have Examinations Been Changed by COVID-19?

How Qualifications Will Change in Corona [2021] In-Depth Explanation of the CBT Exams Now in the Spotlight My name is Kidaoka, and I am in charge of marketing. Have you ever heard of an examination method called "CBT"? In this article, we will introduce the CBT exam, which is now attracting attention as a new testing method to replace the conventional written exam. Table of Contents 1. Thorough explanation of CBT examinations 2. Advantages of using CBT for corporate education and testing 3.Predicted Future Trends of CBT 4. Summary Thorough Explanation of CBT Examinations CBT examinations are "computer-based testing systems. The spread of the new coronavirus has triggered the recent announcement that well-known examinations such as the Nissho Bookkeeping Examination and the Basic Information Technology Engineer Examination will also be conducted using CBT. The year 2021 is expected to be a turning point for the introduction of "CBT and IBT" in many qualifications and examinations, and there is a growing trend to shift from traditional written examinations to digital ones. Characteristics of CBT and IBT CBT is an abbreviation for "CBT (Computer Based Testing)," and refers to computer-based testing. CBT has the advantage of greatly reducing the "time and cost required for scoring, grades, and notification of acceptance" by eliminating the use of question papers, mark sheets, and other paper forms used in traditional written examinations and taking the test by computer. *IBT is an abbreviation for "IBT (Internet Based Testing)" and refers to a testing method conducted via the Internet. It is characterized by the ability to "take the test anytime, anywhere" from a computer, smartphone, or tablet, as long as there is an environment that is connected to the Internet. About the actual situation of CBT examinations popularized by the Corona Disaster CBT is used in a wide range of examinations, including national examinations, private qualifications and certification examinations, SPI examinations for job hunting and job change activities, and in-house examinations conducted by companies. In order to administer a CBT, the examinee is required to present identification at the testing site, and proper identification is performed. The examiner must also authenticate the applicant before the test begins, ensuring that the test is administered fairly. Characteristics of the IBT exam administered via the Internet IBT stands for "Internet Based Testing. This is not a paper-based test or a CBT test, where the exam is administered at a testing site. IBT has the advantage that there are no restrictions on where or when the test can be taken, and the person can choose when to start the test. However, it also has the disadvantage of being less rigorous than CBT, as it is difficult to verify the identity of the applicant and to check for irregularities during the exam. Advantages of Using CBT for Corporate Education and Testing Due to the impact of the spread of the new coronavirus, teleworking has rapidly accelerated in large companies since last year. Even manufacturers that had not digitized education were forced to change, with most meetings switching to using online tools such as Zoom and Googlemeet. In response to the trend toward digitalization going on at Corona Disaster, we would like to introduce this system in our own company for recruitment and promotion exams. Corporate educators who want to move their employee training online! The operation of CBT examinations using digital technology played an indispensable role in overcoming this situation. Why is CBT attracting attention? The development and progress of information technology is the primary factor behind the spread of CBT examinations in Japan. However, what has drawn even more attention is the fact that it has become difficult for large numbers of people to assemble in one place at a specific date and time due to the recent new coronas and natural disasters. CBT is more convenient for both test administrators and examinees because the entire testing process is conducted on a computer. Especially in the Corona Disaster, an increasing number of businesses and companies are newly introducing online testing by CBT, as it allows them to avoid the denseness of the test. In addition, the government's promotion of paperless examinations has also triggered a shift from traditional paper-based written examinations to CBT examinations. Click here for the key points of ▼CBT examinations. 1. Eliminates the time and cost of printing and managing test questions and answer sheets (paperless). 2. Various types of questions can be submitted, such as audio questions, essay-type questions, multiple-choice questions, and so on. 3. Easy and accurate tabulation! The results can be disclosed promptly! No.1 Eliminates the time and cost of printing and managing test questions and answer sheets (paperless). In conventional written examinations, a great deal of time and effort is spent in the operation of the examinations, including procurement of paper, printing, distribution, collection, management, and disposal. Since CBT is a computer-based examination, naturally very little paper is used. This is very significant in today's world, where the promotion of paperless testing is encouraged. It has the advantage of reducing both the labor and manpower associated with paper management, as well as costs. For the organizers, the biggest advantage is that they will be able to provide equal opportunities to those who wish to take the exam. Another major advantage is that it eliminates the work required for written examinations, such as arranging the exam site, exam proctoring, and materials, thereby automating the exam while reducing the cost of holding the exam. 2. A variety of questions can be submitted, including audio questions, written questions, multiple-choice questions, and so on. CBT examinations can be administered by inputting answers to a computer or tablet, as well as by using video or audio. The CBT exam can be customized for each examinee by changing the order of the questions and the wording of the questions. The CBT allows for questions not only using text and charts, but also questions using video and automated voice, which greatly increases the range of expression in the exam. 3. Tallying the results is easy and accurate! The results can be disclosed promptly! In the case of CBT, the computer performs automatic scoring and tallying quickly and accurately, which greatly reduces the time and cost required to disclose the results. Converting a traditional written exam to a CBT exam also streamlines the scoring process, creating the advantage of knowing the results in a relatively short period of time for the examinee. For some exams, scores and pass/fail results are known immediately after the exam is taken, so there's no need to worry about waiting for the results, and you can move right on to reviewing and studying for the next one! Predicted Future Trends of CBT In 2020-2021, many examinations were postponed or cancelled due to the impact of the new coronavirus that raged in our daily lives. In particular, the written examinations had to be cancelled in many cases due to the characteristic of gathering a large number of examinees at a venue and administering the test all at once, which had a tremendous impact on both examinees and organizers. Although there have been cases in which some CBT tests and some regional test centers have had to suspend the test for a certain period of time, the percentage of tests that have been cancelled is far less than that of written tests, and the "strong CBT in case of emergency" has become evident in this Corona Disaster as well. Now that the risk of holding an exam due to infectious diseases in addition to natural disasters must be taken into account, more and more organizers will consider introducing CBT, and the IT-ization of exams is likely to increase! How to conduct CBT examinations using QuizGenerator and learningBOX Tatsuno Information System, Inc. has a partnership with a company that provides CBT venues. Quizzes, exam questions, certification exams, and in-house tests created with QuizGenerator and learningBOX can be taken at dedicated venues. QuizGenerator is a flexible quiz creation tool that can handle any type of question QuizGenerator is a quiz creation tool that has been supported by many of our customers and has been the reason for their use of learningBOX. It is used as a tool to prepare for certification exams and CBT (computer-based testing). Click here to see why ▼QuizGenerator is so popular. 1. easy to create questions in Excel or text. If you are new to QuizGenerator, we recommend the "Question Creation Form". 2. 13 types of question types are available. 3. Images and videos can be inserted. URL links can be embedded in explanations. By using the optional features, you can make the test more similar to the real test. For more information about the features of QuizGenerator, please refer to this article. ⇒Even those who do not know programming can easily create a wide variety of quizzes learningBOX is an LMS with all the functions required for examinations and tests learningBOX is an LMS (Learning Management System) developed through QuizGenerator, a quiz creation service. As an example of our e-learning applications, we recommend using it for new employee training and in-house training, as well as for so-called "e-learning learning" functions such as human resource development and in-house education, but it is also very well equipped with the functions required for "online certification tests and online examinations. The functions required for "Online Examinations and Online Tests" are also very fulfilling. Click here for ▼learningBOX features 1. Questions with automatic sound, images, videos, YouTube videos, etc. can be set. 2. The question creator can shuffle the questions to be solved by the examinees each time, and automatically submit the questions. 3. The user can also easily set time limits, score distribution, and not telling test takers the answers to their questions. 4. The number of times a student can take the test can also be limited. For more information on the functions and features of learningBOX, please refer to this article. ⇒Create your own training, exam, or distance learning program with learningBOX! Conclusion In this article, we introduced the CBT exam, which is now attracting attention as a new testing method to replace the traditional written exam. Using our e-learning learning management systems, QuizGenerator and learningBOX, anyone can easily conduct "online examinations and online examinations," and the created content can be operated and conducted as CBT examinations. LearningBOX has been used in various industries and fields, and has all the functions required for online examinations and tests. If you are interested in transferring your own content and learning materials to CBT examinations, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

E-learning allows you to administer exams and tests on the web

My name is Kidaoka, and I am in charge of marketing. In this article, I would like to introduce how to set up and publish web-based examinations and web-based tests on the Internet using e-Learning. Even if you are not good at using a computer, our e-learning system makes it easy for anyone to publish and conduct examinations and certification tests on the web. In addition to certification exams, e-Learning also makes it possible for new graduates to take employment exams and written exams from the comfort of their home computers, regardless of time or location. Why not solve the time-consuming tasks of distributing and printing materials, grading exam questions, etc. with web-based examinations? Please refer to this article to convert your exam questions and certification exams to e-learning and set up an efficient web-based exam with less burden on the administrator. What is an e-Learning Learning System? Many of you have heard of e-Learning learning, but may not know what it is or what it can do. Some of you may have never heard of it before, so here is a brief introduction to e-Learning learning. What is e-Learning learning? E-learning is an innovative learning style that allows students to improve their skills at their own pace, regardless of where, when, or what they are learning by using electronic devices such as PCs, smart phones, tablets, and IT networks. Features of e-Learning Lectures and training can be received online, eliminating travel time to the venue and transportation costs. The quality of education is uniform and is not affected by the skill or condition of the instructor. Students can use their spare time or travel time to study at their own pace, as many times as they wish, without worrying about being watched. The low cost compared to group training makes the price range more friendly to the administrator's financial situation. What is a management system (LMS) that supports e-learning learning? A Learning Management System (LMS) is a system that integrates and manages the delivery of learning materials, grades, etc., necessary to implement e-learning. The LMS generally has the following functions LMS Features Enroll, modify, and delete learners Registration of learning materials (contents) and assignment of materials to learners Management of student and individual learning history, learning progress, and grades Grade aggregation and statistical analysis functions Setting up a bulletin board for information sharers and sending e-mails to students Back to Table of Contents What to Prepare for e-Learning Learning Many of our customers are schools (educational institutions) that use paper-based learning materials for their classes and lectures. With our e-learning solution, you can digitize your existing learning materials (paper-based materials and printouts) and easily edit, manage, and administer them on the Internet. You can also use the web to conduct the table-top classes, quizzes, and periodic exams that you have been doing up until now. Here is what you need to prepare when you start e-learning Personal computer Web environment with Internet access Quiz (existing learning materials, printed materials) *You only need to prepare these three items to start e-learning. A quiz creation tool that can be flexibly adapted to any question The "QuizGenerator," the quiz creation function of learningBOX, offers 12 different types of questions, and by freely combining options, it can be set and studied according to the usage of learners and administrators, such as "time limit, randomization of the number of questions, and quiz questions for each subject (section question setting). The system can be set up and studied according to the needs of learners and administrators. Even those who are not good at computer operations can create quizzes simply by reading and copying the manual, and publish them not only on the LMS but also on the web, such as on the homepage. The quiz, which we have often introduced in our blog posts, can be found here. Here is a quiz on history created with QuizGenerator. (This is an excerpt from an e-learning study that can be used in schools.) You can actually take the quiz here. ⇒ Quiz on History You can also set up other quizzes to suit your needs, such as quizzes on Japanese geography, section questions, quizzes similar to the real exam environment, and more. Quizzes can be solved here ⇒ Quizzes on Japanese geography can be solved here ⇒ Section questions (quizzes) quizzes can be solved here ⇒ Quizzes similar to the real exam By using the features of ▼QuizGenerator, you can easily conduct test questions similar to the real exam on the web, in addition to studying for preparation and review! Features of QuizGenerator Versatile question formats (12 types + questions with reports) Images and videos can be set in the quiz. (visually easy-to-understand teaching and learning materials can be created) URL links can be set up. (Even if there is no detailed explanatory text, the designated link can be used as a substitute for the explanation) The exam can be administered as if it were a real exam. (Time limits, distribution of scores, and the ability to hide learner responses) *QuizGenerator features are also explained in detail here. You can make a quiz in less than 5 minutes once you learn the rules of how to make it! How to make a quiz If you are a first time user, we recommend you to use the question creation form. You can create a quiz by simply typing in the special form. If you have a large number of quizzes and want to create them quickly, we recommend Text. If you want to create them all at once in a file you are familiar with, we recommend making them in Excel. *This way, QuizGenerator can create quizzes from the above three methods according to your level and ease of use. Please check here for detailed instructions on how to create a quiz. It is introduced in detail with images. Back to Table of Contents How to conduct a web-based exam using learningBOX With learningBOX, customers who do not have a website can create a learning environment. Click here to see an example of using learningBOX. Quizzes created with QuizGenerator can be uploaded to learningBOX for easy quiz registration. We have set up the quiz as a course study, introduced earlier. Here, a "certificate" will be issued when you complete all the learning materials in the folder. All the administrator has to do is register a learningBOX account and add and register learning materials! What learners do! Solve quizzes to pass the certification! learningBOX can distribute quizzes to each member or designate and set quizzes for each group. In order to administer a web-based exam, it is necessary to keep track of each student's progress and performance. learningBOX's grade management feature allows users to see at a glance not only their passing/failing grades, but also how much they are learning each day and how far they have progressed in their studies in graphs and charts. and charts to see at a glance how much the user has learned each day and how far he or she has progressed. key points of learningBOX Quizzes can be offered to learners as course learning. The administrator creates the content and the learners study the material created by the administrator. Only those users who have reached a certain standard (completion/passing score) set by the administrator can proceed to the next level of learning. A certificate can be granted. Recommendations for learningBOX In addition to quizzes, there are many other contents that can be handled as learning materials. (1) Videos and YouTube videos, (2) "Mushi-notebooks and memorization cards" specialized for memorization, (3) Report assignment function, questionnaire function, etc. ..... For more information about learningBOX functions, please click here Back to Table of Contents SUMMARY In this article, we have introduced how to set up and publish web-based examinations and web-based tests on the Internet using e-Learning. Even if you are not good at operating a computer, anyone can easily publish and conduct examinations and certification tests on the web by using our e-Learning. We encourage you to create your own quizzes using this article as a reference. Your learning materials can also be sold as a product on the learningBOX EC plan. Depending on your ideas and efforts, you may be able to create a hit product! Thank you very much for your cooperation in this paper. ▼ We also recommend this page! Also read Back to Table of Contents