E-learning allows you to administer exams and tests on the web

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E-learning allows you to administer exams and tests on the web

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I'm Kidaoka, the marketing manager. In this article, we will discuss the use of e-learning on the Internet.Learn how to set up and publish web exams and web tests.Even if you are not good at operating a computer, our e-learning system makes it easy for anyone to publish and administer test questions and examinations on the web.

In addition to certification exams, e-learning allows you to take employment exams for new graduates and written exams at home on your computer, without being restricted by time or location. Why don't you solve the time-consuming tasks of distributing and printing materials, grading test questions, and arranging a venue with web-based testing?

By using this article as a reference, you can set up an efficient web-based exam with less burden on the administrator by converting your exam questions and examinations into e-learning.


  • 1. what is e-learning learning system?
  • 2. what you need to prepare to start e-learning
  • 3. how to use learningBOX to administer the web exam
  • 4. summary

What is an e-learning learning system?


There are many people who have heard of e-learning, but don't know what it is or what it can do. Some of you may have never heard of it before, so here is a brief introduction to e-learning.

To begin with, what is e-learning...

E-learning is a revolutionary learning style that allows students to improve their skills at their own pace, regardless of where they are, when they are learning, or what they are learning by using electronic devices such as PCs, smartphones, and tablets, as well as IT networks.

Features of e-Learning
You can attend lectures and trainings on the Internet, so you don't need to spend time and money for traveling to the venue.
Because the quality of education is uniform, it is not affected by the skill and condition of the instructor.
You can study as many times as you like at your own pace without worrying about what others think.
The cost is lower than group training, so the price range is friendly to managers' wallets.

What is a management system (LMS) that supports e-learning?

E-learning Learning Management System

A learning management system is a system for implementing e-learning andIt is a system that integrates and manages the delivery of learning materials, grades, etc.The LMS is the operating system (OS) of the e-learning system, and it is a management system with the functions necessary for the operation of e-learning.

Features of ▼LMS
Register, change, or delete learners
Registration of learning materials (contents) and assignment of materials to students
Management of students, individual learning history, learning progress, and grades
Performance aggregation and statistical analysis functions
Set up a bulletin board for information sharers and send e-mails to students.

What you need to prepare to start your eLearning study

Question creation form_learningBOX

We believe that many of our customers are schools (educational institutions) that use paper-based learning materials to teach their classes and lectures. With our e-learning system, you can digitize your existing learning materials (paper-based materials and handouts) and easily edit, manage, and operate them on the Internet. It is also possible to use the web to conduct classes, quizzes, and regular examinations.

▼ Here is what you need to prepare when you start e-learning.
personal computer
Web environment with internet connection
Quiz (existing learning materials, printed materials)
All you need to do is prepare these three items and you are ready to start e-learning.

A quiz creation tool that is flexible enough to handle any question

Quiz - web exam

QuizGenerator" is a quiz generator of learningBOX, which can create quizzes in a variety of formats.12 typesIn addition to the abundance ofoptioncan be freely combined to "limit the time, randomize the number of questions, and submit a quiz for each subject (Setting up a section question)", etc., can be configured and learned according to the usage of learners and administrators.

Even if you are not good at computer operation, you can create quizzes just by looking at the manual and copying it, and you can publish them not only on the LMS but also on the web such as HP. Here are the quizzes that we have often introduced in our blog posts.

▼ Here is a quiz about history created with QuizGenerator. (This is an excerpt from an e-learning study that can be used in schools.)
E-Learning - History Quiz
You can actually take the quiz here. ⇒ Click here to take the quiz.Quiz on History

In addition, quizzes can be set according to your usage, such as "quizzes on Japanese geography, section questions, and quizzes similar to the real exam environment".

Social Quiz-elearning

You can solve the quiz from here ⇒.Quiz on the Geography of Japan
You can solve the quiz from here ⇒.Section questions (Quiz)
You can solve the quiz from here ⇒.A quiz similar to the real exam

By using the functions of ▼QuizGenerator, you can not only study for preparation and review, but also easily administer test questions similar to the real exam on the web!

Features of QuizGenerator
Versatile question format(12 types + questions with reports)
You can also set images and videos in the quiz.(Visually clear teaching and learning materials can be used)
The URL link can be set.(It is possible to substitute explanations at the specified link without detailed explanatory text)
The test can be conducted as if it were a real test.(Time limits, allocation of marks, hiding learners' answers)
The features of QuizGenerator are list of optionsIt is also explained in detail in

Once you learn the rules of how to make it, you can make a quiz in less than 5 minutes.

elearning - free

How to make a quiz
If this is your first time...Quiz/exam creation formis recommended. You can make a quiz just by typing in a special form.
If you have a lot of quizzes and want to make them quicklytextis recommended.
If you want to make a batch with a familiar fileExcelI recommend making it with
In this way, QuizGenerator allows you to create quizzes from the above three methods according to your level and usability. For detailed instructions, please refer to list of optionsPlease check the It is introduced in detail with a picture.

How to use learningBOX to administer a web-based test

With learningBOX, even customers who don't have a website can create a learning environment.

Here's an example of how to use the learningBOX.

Quizzes created with QuizGenerator can be uploaded to learningBOX, and quizzes can be easily registered. We have just introduced and set up a quiz as a course study.
Here, you will receive a "certificate" when you complete all the study materials in the folder.

All an administrator has to do is register a learningBOX account and add/register materials!
How to make an elearning-quiz

What learners do! Solve quizzes to pass the certificate. learningBOX allows you to distribute quizzes to each member and specify and set quizzes for each group. For more information on how to add members and set up groups, please refer to list of optionsfor more information.


In order to administer the web-based exam, it is necessary to keep track of each student's progress and performance. learningBOX's grade management feature allows you to see at a glance not only the passing/failing grades, but also how much the student has learned each day and how far along he or she is. The graphs and tables show at a glance how much the user has learned each day and how far he/she has progressed.

Key points of ▼learningBOX
The quiz can be provided to learners as a course learning.
The administrator creates the content, and the learner learns the material created by the administrator.
Only users who have reached a certain standard (learning completion/passing score) set by the administrator can proceed to the next learning.
We can grant you a certificate.
I would like to recommend ▼learningBOX.
In addition to quizzes, there are many other contents that can be treated as learning materials.
①Video, YouTube video
(2) "Insect-eating notebooks and memorization cards" specialized for memorization
3) Report assignment function, questionnaire function, etc. .....
For more information about the functions of the learningBOX list of options

The learningBOX will also arrange a CBT test site.

Recently, we often hear about "CBT" in the news. Do you know what CBT is?

What is CBT...CBT isComputer Based TestingIt stands forComputerized.The test is called.
By taking the test by computer instead of using paper such as question papers or mark sheets.The benefits of the system include a significant reduction in the time and cost of grading and notification of grades and results.There are
Also, because it's computerized.Audio and video based questions are also available.

We want candidates to take the examinations and promotion tests we've created at a dedicated venue.I'm sure you have this hope.

But.If you are unable to secure your own venue, use a venue-based test center that supports CBT.We recommend that you

We have a partnership with a company that provides CBT venues.The examinations and promotion tests created in the learningBOX can be taken by candidates at a dedicated venue.

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In this article, we will introduce how to set up and publish web exams and web tests on the Internet using e-learning. Even if you are not good at operating a computer, our e-learning system makes it easy for anyone to publish and implement exam questions and certification tests on the web. Please try to make quizzes with reference to this paper. The learning materials made by our customers are available on the learningBOXEC PlanYou can also sell it as a product at Depending on your ideas and efforts, you just might have a hit product! Thank you for staying with us for this article.