QuizGenerator to help you prepare for college entrance exams!


QuizGenerator to help you prepare for college entrance exams!

Hello! This is Hirota of the Marketing Section.
It's time for the real exam season.
I know that many of you are studying late into the night for the entrance exam.
So, in this article, we will focus on the college entrance exam."Using QuizGenerator to prepare for exams."for more information.
This article is aboutI want to study for my exams more efficiently."This article is recommended for those who are thinking about it.
In reference to the Common Test for University Admissions in 2020.EnglishandMathematicsWe have also prepared test questions for the exam, so please use them as a reference for your preparation.



If you're trying to prepare for an exam, QuizGenerator can help!

QuizGenerator is a web service that allows you to easily create questions using your computer and the Internet.
From the name QuizGenerator, you may think it is a "quiz creation tool".
However, in addition to quiz creation, QuizGenerator also allows you to easily create "tests for college and certification exams".

Test Preparation with QuizGenerator

QuizGenerator allows anyone to create original questions for free, even if they don't know how to program.
We did not create it this time, but it is an Englishlistening comprehensionYou can also create Japanese tests in which the text is written vertically.
It also supports "LaTex" so that you can create questions that include special symbols and formulas used in math problems.
⇒For more information, please click here.QuizGenerator is an e-learning system that supports mathematical formulas and special symbols.


Let's try to solve the entrance exam questions [English].

To prepare for the university entrance exam, I created some questions using QuizGenerator, taking excerpts from the 2020 Common Entrance Test.
When you solve this problem to the end, the grading results will be displayed.
Please try to match your answers.
There are 12 questions in total. (*Except for the listening questions)


Let's try to solve the entrance exam questions [Mathematics].

Some problems are taken from Math I, Math A, Math II, and Math B respectively.
Please enter the symbols and numbers that apply to the boxes.
There are 14 questions in total.


Recommended features of QuizGenerator for studying for exams!

When you take the real university entrance exam, there are various missions such as time limit and passing score.
QuizGenerator allows you to take the test as if it were a real exam, with all the settings.

▼ Here are some test preparation settings you can make with QuizGenerator.

For more comprehensive management,Shuffle the order of questionscan be used to solve problems without having to remember the order of the answers.
For more comprehensive management,Time limitto get into the habit of solving problems in a timely manner.
For more comprehensive management,Hide correct and incorrect answers in the middle of a question.In this way, you can clarify your weak points while matching your answers.
For more comprehensive management,Settings that allow you to move freely between the previous and next question.will help you to solve the problems you are good at and to understand the whole test.
Once you have created a problem, you can review it repeatedly and share it with other people.I can share.

The following are some examples.
Among these, I would like to pick up some features of QuizGenerator that I would like to recommend.

Set a time limit

As mentioned above, in the actual test, you have to answer the questions within the time limit.
By creating a test with a time limit in QuizGenerator, you can prepare yourself for the pressure of the real test and time allocation.
The time limit can be set in "seconds", so you can adjust the time in detail.
⇒For more information, seeHow to set the time limit


Hide correct and incorrect answers in the middle of a question.

This setting does not show the answer for each question, but allows you to place the grading button only for the final question, and to show the correct/wrong answer after the question has been answered.
This setting will prevent you from thinking that you understand a problem by looking at the answer while solving it.
In addition, knowing the correct answer after taking the test to the end inevitably leads to a process of matching the answers, which allows you to slowly review the parts you answered incorrectly.
It is impossible to match the answers each time you take the real test.
Therefore, it is a highly recommended feature for those who want to learn in a way that is closer to real-life situations.
⇒For more information, seeHide the grading button in the middle of a question.


Can move back and forth between issues.

With the default settings, the questions are presented in order and you cannot freely view the questions before and after.
Therefore, it is impossible for me to review my answers after solving a set of problems.
Also, when you take the test, you will probably look over the entire test first and consider the approximate time allotment you will spend on each question.
In such cases, you can set the questions to be displayed in any order.
⇒For more information, seeMove to the previous or next question


The useful usage of ▼QuizGenerator is also explained in detail in this article.


Keep track of your grades with learningBOX

 learningBOXis an e-learning system that can manage grading and grade management in addition to the quiz function of Quizgenerator.
With the learningBOX, it will also automatically count your study time on a daily basis.
You can check how much you are working on your studies and plan your study accordingly.
Not only solving problems, but also "thinking about the text of the problem by yourself and reviewing the problem repeatedly" is a very effective way of learning to prepare for university entrance exams.
When preparing for exams, if you can manage your own performance with learningBOX, you will be motivated by the fact that your test scores are gradually improving! This will help motivate you.
For more information on the use of the learningBOX, click here.FeaturesYou can read more about it at



"I want to get into the university I want to go to! I want to get into the university of my choice! If you just study blindly, you may not be able to prepare for the entrance exam as well as you would like.
It is important to study properly and stay healthy both physically and mentally to prepare for exams.
If you use QuizGenerator to prepare for tests, you will have the timing to increase your knowledge in three stages: creating questions, solving questions, and answering questions.

Making use of learningBOXTogether, they can easily manage individual grade data and learning progress in the system.
The learningBOX can be used for personal use, or by anyone, including administrators."Free, indefinitely."You can use this service.
The Free Plan can be used by up to 10 people, including the administrator, so you can share the test questions you created with your friends to enhance your learning.
If you are interested in learning more about the learningBOX, please contact us.free planPlease try

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