What is "Reverse Instruction"?


What is "Reverse Instruction"?

Thinking about leveling up in corporate training?
In spite of implementing training programs, we know that many of you are struggling as:
"What kind of training should I conduct?" "Should I change the content?" "Our training was not as effective as we expected..." etc.
A variety of contents you prepared for might be in vain as long as the participants do not exercise the effect of them.
If you are in charge of training, you are in the right place.

"Reverse Instruction"can be the introduction to innovate your training.
It leads to more practical skills effectively.
This page introduces you to an outline of Reverse Instruction, its advantages/disadvantages and expected effects into corporate training.


  1. What is "Reverse Instruction"?
  2. Advantage/Disadvantage
  3. Expected Effects in Corporate Training
  4. QuizGenerator for Reverse Instruction
  5. Summary


What is "Reverse Instruction"?

On the teaching of flipped learning

Reverse instruction was named after the traditional learning method was "reversed."

What is "Reverse Instruction"?

Talking about school education, students usually acquire knowledge at school and work on it at home.
On the other hand, reverse instruction is a learning method in which students acquire knowledge through e-learning and video contents before the class, and their knowledge is rooted in through group work and exercises at school.



By introducing reverse instruction to school education, it has many advantages both for teachers and students.
Let's take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages.

Advantage 1. Study at your own pace

With the reverse instruction, students learn contents at home before taking a class.

  • they can spend more time on the contents they don't understand.
  • the contents are studied over and over so that they can deepen their understanding better.


Advantage 2. Motivate students

In the reverse instruction, students can ask questions about what they did not understand in the prior study.
Learning through group work enables them to ask questions to the teachers and other students, which brings them to consolidate their better understanding.
The deeper understanding they acquire, the more enjoyment they can feel. It is expected to motivate them for further understanding or skills.

Advantage 3. Check the level of students' understanding

There is no need to explain the content in the reverse instruction. That means, teachers have more time to spend directly with students.
This enables teachers to identify and guide those who are having difficulties in the class.
It will be the greatest advantage for teachers to piece out students' understanding on the spot.

Disadvantage 1. Need to set aside time for study

For reverse instruction, students need to do some prior study before class.
If they do not have enough time to learn before the class, it could be a trigger to unmotivate them.
Therefore, it is needed to support them to learn well in advance.

Disadvantage 2. Need time and effort to prepare for a class.

Teachers need to create content for prior learning, which is time-consuming and costly.
In addition to their duties at work, they need to create content.
How can they save time and cost?
E-learning is the best choice!

What is e-learning?


Expected Effects in Corporate Training

What are the benefits of flipped learning in corporate training?

The effects of reverse instruction can be expected not only in the field of education.
It has been introduced into many corporate training programs as an educational method for human resource development.
Now, let us compare it to the traditional corporate training.

Traditional corporate training

In some cases, trainees are not able to demonstrate their skills in the field or in practice even after the traditional training.
The reasons are:

  • some do not understand the content of the training
  • it is all about listening to a lecture
  • the knowledge and skills of the trainees are not consistent

Isn't it a waste of time and money?
By utilizing the "reverse instruction,"trainees attend a lesson with enough knowledge..

Reverse Instruction in Corporate Training

Traditional training programs often focus on acquiring knowledge, which cannot be applied to practical work or application.
However, reverse construction into your training leads to more effective results than traditional one.
Reverse construction leads to"more effective learning, more practical skills."

The reasons are:

  • if trainees know that the training will be practical in advance, they will be motivated more to learn.
  • more practical activities improve their skills through role-playing, discussions, etc.
  • trainees can review to consolidate their understanding.

By introducing reverse instruction in corporate training, the effects of training can be demonstrated in practical work.
It also enhances the quality of the training.

QuizGenerator for Reverse Instruction

QuizGenerator for Reverse Instruction

The best tool to create contents for reverse instruction is"QuizGenerator."

Here are some features of QuizGenerator.

What is QuizGenerator?

"QuizGenerator" isan easy quiz creator and enables you to publish quizzes/exams on the Web. Furthermore, commercial use is for free.

Take the advantage of QuizGenerator for your needs!

Confirmation test for corporate training
The following sample is an example for a confirmation test which is utilized during work.
What is QuizGenerator?


Features of QuizGenerator

Feature #1: You can create quizzes in Excel or text.

Features of QuizGenerator

In QuizGenerator, "Excel" and "text" are available to use. If you are not familiar with them, theQuiz/exam creation formis recommended.


Feature #2: Multi-devices available: PC, smartphone and tablet device.

The questions you create can be studied on your PC, smartphone, or tablet.
Since multi-devices are available, it does not matter wherever trainees are, and whenever it is.

  • in lunch break
  • while commuting to work
  • while meeting up with their friends

Their spare time will totally change the style of corporate training.
See more aboutHow to create a quizto start a new stage!


This article introduces you to the concept of "reverse instruction," which aims to raise the level of corporate training.
Reverse instruction is a new learning method which leads independent learning in advance and does practical contents in training.
Compare traditional learning methods to reverse instruction. Why don't you choose a more effective one and make your trainees acquire more practical skills?
It is true that there are some challenges to be addressed in implementing the system.
However, we have a solution.QuizGeneratorwill help you level up in corporate training in the easiest way with low-cost.

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