release notes


  • When opening a quiz in Master mode on iOS devices, the pie chart on the start screen was not displayed correctly.


  • Fixed a bug that quizzes with blank choices could not be reconverted to quizgen-5.13.5.
  • There was a bug that if a quiz was created without specifying the size of the svg image, the image would not be displayed on the study screen.
  • Fixed a bug in which the quiz would not display correctly if the string "length" was used as a choice.


  • Section ID setting and option number setting functions have been added. This feature works with learningBOX-2.16.7 or later.
  • For quizzes whose language is set to English in the options, the 0✖ button on correct/incorrect questions has been changed to True/False button, and the 0✖ notation for correct/incorrect answers and the ☑✖ notation for correct/incorrect count display has been changed to Correct/Incorrect notation.
  • If the width of the table inserted in the question text is wider than the width of the screen on which you are studying, the table has been modified so that it scrolls left and right to show the whole table.
  • It has been modified so that it is possible to learn even if the pull-down numbers are not set in numerical order during questioning.
  • When Excel data contained table tags, etc., all line feeds in the middle of the tag were displayed as line feeds in the problem after conversion, so it has been modified to display them as half-width spaces.
  • When a quiz was interrupted with the answer display of another question set, there was a bug that the answer transfer did not work correctly when the quiz was resumed.
  • When studying quizzes in the form of multiple choice questions/image selection questions (multiple choice) using the Chrome browser, there was a bug where the radio buttons would not be colored even if you selected an option, so this has been fixed so that they are displayed correctly.
  • Fixed a problem in which quizzes could not be created when Excel data contained multiple rows of tabs.


  • Modified the wavy brackets when placing pull-downs so that they work even if they are not placed in numerical order.
  • In the learningBOX, if you try to re-upload the original data of Master mode to a quiz/test with interrupted data of Normal mode and start learning, the message "A problem has occurred, so we will clear the data and start from the beginning" will be displayed.
  • There was a bug that the inherited images were not displayed correctly after suspending and resuming a quiz with answer transfer set.


  • There was a time lag until the countdown stopped after answering a quiz with a time limit set for each question.
  • Fixed a bug in which correct answers were displayed even when the correct answer display for wrong answers was turned off.
  • In quizzes that allow users to move between questions, when users open the question list page and come back to the quiz screen again, the color of the pagination of answered questions was not displayed correctly.


  • In quizzes with a time limit for each question, when you answer "I don't know" or the time runs out without answering, a uniform explanation will be displayed.
  • When answering a quiz with a time limit set for each question and restarting the quiz after interruption with the correct/incorrect answer displayed, there was a bug where a countdown would start.


  • It is now possible to specify handwritten submissions in report and questionnaire formats. This feature works with learningBOX-2.15.10 or later.
  • You can now set up a description page. This feature works with learningBOX-2.15.10 or later.
  • Answers to one question can now be transferred to other questions and displayed.
  • Clicking the button adds the ability to display the image.
  • The ability to prohibit movement between sections has been added.
  • When creating fill-in-the-blank questions and pull-down questions, only the parts with only numbers in {} have been modified to be converted into answer fields.
  • Section tags and question tags can now use single-byte brackets.
  • In quizzes with a scroll bar on the start screen, the tooltip of the start button was not displayed correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that the color of the pagination disappeared when moving to a question from the question list page.
  • There was a bug that if a quiz with 0 answers was downloaded as Excel or tsv and then re-uploaded, it did not work correctly. This fix can be checked in learningBOX-2.15.10 or later.


  • When the start button is pressed, the results are recorded in the learningBOX.
  • There was a bug that even if you clicked "Redo from the beginning" after clicking the "Stop" button in a quiz with a time limit, the quiz would be displayed from the beginning.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented quiz start buttons from being clicked when a quiz contained both named and unnamed sections.


  • Improved the ability to create quizzes that include multiple identical choices in fill-in-the-blank questions.
  • In quizzes with "Move between questions On" and "Show correct/incorrect answers for each question On" set, if you move to another question with an unselected answer and click OK on the "Select answer" alert that appears after clicking the "Submit" button, the correct/incorrect answer would be displayed. .
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the radio button of a selected question from being selected once, so that it can be selected once.


  • When answering fill-in-the-blank questions, you can now answer by tapping as well as dragging. Tap the frame you want to answer, and then tap the choice you want to answer to set the choice in the frame.
  • Changed the wording of "capture rate" to "achievement rate".
  • Improved the quick answer format so that explanations are not displayed when time runs out or you select "I don't know".
  • Modified to display the alt attribute information when it is set in the image.
  • When "No shuffle" and "Set the number of questions" were used together, the questions were shuffled, but the problem has been fixed so that the questions are not shuffled.
  • Fixed a problem in which the display of mathematical expressions collapsed when moving from the result screen by clicking the Review button.
  • Fixed a bug where the tooltip displayed on the Master mode button would appear when starting a quiz in Normal mode.
  • Fixed a bug that section names containing tags such as HTML were not displayed.
  • There was a bug that quizzes with input specified as a class in the question data could not be answered correctly, so it has been fixed so that quizzes can be answered.