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QuizGenerator is a web application to create your own quiz set.
You do not need any IT knowledge to operate.

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QuizGenerator is compatible to SCORM1.2 and SCORM2004.
You can save/edit the data of your quiz by learningBOX.
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About learningBOX
Quizgenerator is Free!

You can use QuizGeneraotor with learningBOX for free to corporate training, certificate exam, and distance education.

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QuizGenerator Enable You to Create a Quiz for Free Without Any Complicated IT Knowledge

QuizGenerator is an e-learning tool to create quizzes that are compatible with PC and smartphone (iPhone, iPad, and Android).

Create Your Quiz on the Web

You can create your quiz, as if you use Microsoft Word, with the Quiz Creation form.
You do Not Need to Have Any Complicated Knowledge of IT.
QuizGenerator supports smartphones, tablets, and PC.

Set Various Settings such as Test Mode or Time-attack for the Quiz

You can do various settings such as hiding the result screen until you answer all the quizzes or switching the next quiz per 10sec.

Free Commercial Use

You can use almost all of the features without purchasing the QuizGenrator license.
By purchasing the license, you can access to special functions such as reading out by synthetic voice or design customization.

learnningBOX is Quiz Creation Tool for the Corporate Training, Distance Education and Online Learning for Schools.

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learningBOX is Free

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learningBOX to save and edit your quiz.
You can also manage members and save grades.

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learningBOX is Free

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Create Your Quiz

QuizGenerator enables you to create various types of quizzes with various options such as a quiz with time-limit or randomized order

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Customized Your Design

You can customize CSS & Javascript by purchasing our license plan which costs 21600 yen/year.
You can customize the QuizGenerator player with your own design.
We also provide a service to design your Quizgenerator. Please send us a request if you need to customize it.

QuizGenrator License

Features of QuizGenerator

Insert Images, Voice Data & Math Formula

Not only characters but you also can add images and voice data as well as GIF images inside the quiz sentence.
You can create the quiz as if you operate Microsoft Word with QuizGenerator.

Create Quizzes in a Batch

You can upload your quiz data in a batch.
You can convert the quiz from the paper form to the online one.

QuizGenerator is Free!

You can use QuizGenerator for free.

Customize the QuizGenrator Player Design with the QuizGenrator License

You can adapt your customized CSS or Javascript for your own design.

Read Out the Quiz with Synthetic Voice.

You can use multiple synthetic voices in multiple languages.


learningBOX is a LMS to save grades and manage members.
learningBOX supports PDF, video as well as SCORM.

Manage Users and Grades with learningBOX

You can create the web-based learning environment with restriction conditions such as allowing to access the quiz only for whom read the textbook or conduct a mini quiz after the video lecture.

About learningBOX