Create your own quiz for free!

Without any programming experience,
You can easily create quizzes
with a wide range of quiz formats.

You can use it in any way you want.
Various quizzes and questions.
We have the ability to make

QuizGenerator allows anyone to easily create and publish quizzes and questions on the web.
It is also free for commercial use, so it can be used for corporate training and examinations.

Feature 01

13 different types of quiz format.
Versatile in
Testandrepetitive learning 

smart phone screen You can set a time limit. And a setting to focus on the wrong questions!
smart phone screen You can also create quizzes and questions with video.

You can add detailed settings to quizzes and questions, such as a test mode with a time limit, a time attack for each question, a correct/wrong/pass decision displayed after all the answers are completed, and a setting that switches to the next question every 10 seconds.

Quiz/question format

List of quiz/question formats Try all the question formats.

smart phone screen You can set a time limit. And a setting to focus on the wrong questions!
smart phone screen You can also create quizzes and questions with video.
PC screen Complete a quiz/question in as little as 5 minutes!

Features 02

Using the web-based Quiz creation form
Easy to create & publish tests/quizzes!

PC screen Complete quizzes and questions in as little as 5 minutes!

You can choose to publish your quiz on the web in a limited group, or open them to the public, or embed them in a blog or website, depending on your needs.

Three ways to create a test/quiz

For word quizzes with hundreds of questions, you can create a batch of questions in Excel or Text format.

Feature 03

Free for commercial and personal use! 
Useful in employee training, examination and school education.

Smart Phone Screen

It is also free for commercial use, so please feel free to use it for examinations and in-house training at companies and educational institutions. Furthermore, you can change the design of the quiz screen and remove the credits by purchasing a QuizGenerator license. We recommend it for those who want to add originality to their quiz screen!

Learn more about licensing

A woman at a computer. smart phone screen

Use QuizGenerator more conveniently!

To save and edit questions created in QuizGenerator, you can use
including member and scores management functions.
In the learning box of an e-learning system!

LearningBOX, a related service of QuizGenerator, is an e-learning system with the same quiz and question creation functions as QuizGenerator.
You cannot edit questions, manage grades and students with QuizGenerator alone.

smart phone
From 33,000 yen per year for 100 people

Features of the learningBOX

academic cap

Learning and Grading


Creating and managing contents


Student Management


Score management


administrator function

EC sales

EC Sales Management

Up to 10 accounts.
Almost all the features are available for free.Yes, sir!

smart phone

Easy to create a study course

With learningBOX, you can use the "Learning Limits" feature to create a learning course that will enhance your learning experience.
We can also post PDFs and SCORM materials as teaching aids!

Example of a study course

  • Only students who have seen the textbook are required to take the quiz.
  • Students who watch the video of the class will be given a quiz.
  • Students who pass the test will move on to the next assignment.

Let's try a sample quiz!

Let's actually touch it and try to tackle quizzes.
The question and answer screens are compatible with computers, tablets and smartphones.

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QuizGenerator License

You can buy a license and
Customize QuizGenerator!

You can customize the design of the quiz player with CSS and Javascript by purchasing a license for QuizGenerator.
It is possible for us to create an original design for you (*for an additional fee).

PC screen

Features available with the purchase of a license

smart phone screen
learningBOX logo

Use QuizGenerator more conveniently!

If you want to manage students and scores too, you should choose
learningBOX, which is a robust comprehensive e-learning system!

smart phone screen
learningBOX logo

You can create quizzes and questions, invite and manage students to answer questions created in QuizGenerator, save student grades, and track their progress.

Staff blog

You can find examples of how to use QuizGenerator and techniques for creating quizzes and questions.