How Qualifications Change in Corona [2021] An in-depth look at the CBT exams that are hot right now

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How Qualifications Change in Corona [2021] An in-depth look at the CBT exams that are hot right now

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Ladies and gentlemen.CBT.Have you ever heard of a test method called
In this article, we'll take a look at a new test method that is now attracting attention as an alternative to the traditional written test.CBT examinationThe following is an introduction to the

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  • 1. Thorough explanation of CBT exam
  • 2. Advantages of using CBT for corporate education and testing
  • 3. Predicting the future trend of CBT
  • 4. Summary


Thorough explanation of the CBT exam

What is CBT Examination?"A computerized test-taking system.This refers to the
In the wake of the spread of the new coronavirus, it was recently announced that high-profile exams such as the Nissho Bookkeeping Test and the Basic Information Technology Engineer Test will also be administered using CBT.
The year 2021 is expected to be a turning point for the introduction of "CBT and IBT" in many qualifications and examinations, and there is a growing trend to shift from traditional written examinations to digital ones.

Characteristics of CBT and IBT

CBT is an abbreviation for "CBT (Computer Based Testing)", which is a computer-based test.
CBT has the advantage of significantly reducing the "time and cost required for grading and notification of grades and acceptance" by taking the test by computer instead of using question papers, mark sheets, and other paper used in conventional written tests.

IBT is an abbreviation of "Internet Based Testing (IBT)" and refers to a testing method that is administered via the Internet.
As long as you are connected to the Internet, you can take the test anytime, anywhere from your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

The reality of CBT examinations prevalent in the Corona disaster

CBT is used for a wide range of examinations, including national and private qualifications and examinations, SPI examinations for job hunting and changing jobs, and in-house examinations conducted by companies.

In order to administer the CBT, you will be required to present your ID at the test site, and proper identification will be done.
In addition, the examiner conducts the certification process before the test begins, which ensures that the test is conducted fairly.

Features of IBT exams administered via the Internet

IBT is an abbreviation for "Internet Based Testing".
This is not a paper-based exam or CBT exam where you take the exam at a test site.
The IBT has the advantage that there are no restrictions on where or when you can take the test, so you can choose when to start the test.
However, it has the disadvantage of being less rigorous than CBT, as it is difficult to verify the identity of the applicant and to check for irregularities during the test.

Benefits of using CBT for corporate education and testing

CBT - Application Scenes
Due to the impact of the spread of the new coronavirus, telework has accelerated rapidly since last year at large companies.
Even manufacturers who had not yet digitized their education were forced to change, with most meetings switching to using online tools such as Zoom and Googlemeet.

In response to the trend toward digitalization that is underway at Corona Damages, we would like to introduce this technology in our own company as well, for example in employment and promotion examinations.
Are you an educator who wants to take your employee training online?
The operation of CBT examinations using digital technology played an essential role in overcoming this situation.

On why CBT is getting so much attention

The development and progress of IT technology is the first factor behind the spread of CBT examinations in Japan.
However, the reason why more attention has been paid is related to the fact that it has become difficult to gather a large number of people in one place at a specific date and time due to the recent effects of the new corona and natural disasters.

CBT is highly convenient for both test administrators and test takers because the entire test process is conducted on a computer.
In particular, an increasing number of businesses and companies are introducing new CBT-based online examinations as a way to avoid denseness in the coronation process.
In addition, the government's promotion of a paperless system has also triggered a shift from traditional paper-based written examinations to CBT examinations.

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1. Eliminates the time and cost of printing and managing test questions and answer sheets (paperless)
2. Various types of questions such as audio, descriptive, multiple choice, etc. can be submitted.
No.3. Tabulation is easy and accurate! The results can be disclosed quickly!

1. Eliminates the time and cost of printing and managing test questions and answer sheets (paperless)


Conventional written tests require a great deal of time and effort to administer, including the procurement of paper, printing, distribution, collection, management, and disposal.
CBT is a computer-based test, so naturally very little paper is used.

This is very significant in today's world where the promotion of a paperless society is encouraged.
The benefits of this system are less labor and manpower required to manage paper and reduced costs.

The most important advantage for the organizers is that they will be able to provide equal opportunities for applicants to take the exam.
Other major advantages include the ability to automate the test while reducing the cost of holding it, as it eliminates the work required for the written test, such as arranging the test site, proctoring and materials.

2. Various types of questions such as audio, descriptive, multiple choice, etc. can be submitted.

Examinations by CBT can be conducted using video and audio in addition to typed responses on a computer or tablet.
In addition, CBT examinations can be customized for each examinee by the examiner, such as changing the order in which questions are asked and changing the wording.

The CBT allows for questions that use text and charts, as well as questions that use video and automated voice, which greatly increases the range of expression in the exam.

No.3. Tabulation is easy and accurate! The results can be disclosed quickly!

In the case of CBT, the computer performs automatic grading and tabulation work quickly and accurately, which greatly reduces the time and cost required to disclose the results.

By replacing the traditional written exam with a CBT exam, the grading process is more efficient, and examinees will have the advantage of knowing their results in a relatively short period of time. For some exams, you can find out your score and pass/fail immediately after taking the exam, so you don't have to worry about waiting for the results, and can move right on to reviewing and studying for the next one!

Predicting future trends in CBT

In 2020-2021, many exams were postponed or cancelled due to the impact of the new coronavirus ravaging our daily lives.
In particular, due to the nature of the written test, which involves gathering a large number of examinees at a venue and administering the test simultaneously, there have been many cases where the test has had to be cancelled, which has had a significant impact on both examinees and organizers.

Although there have been cases in CBT where some exams and test centers in some regions have been suspended for a certain period of time, the percentage of exams themselves that have been canceled has been overwhelmingly small compared to written exams, and this corona disaster has also made "CBT that is strong in case of emergency" noticeable.

Now that we have to take into account the risk of holding the event due to infectious diseases in addition to natural disasters, more and more organizers will be considering the introduction of CBT, and more and more exams will be IT-based!

How to use QuizGenerator/learningBOX to administer CBT exams

Tatsuno Information System Corporation has a partnership with a company that provides CBT venues.
It is possible to take quizzes, exam questions, certification tests and in-house tests created with QuizGenerator and learningBOX at a dedicated venue.

QuizGenerator is a quiz creation tool that can flexibly handle any question

QuizGenerator is a quiz creation tool that has been supported by many customers and is the reason why they use learningBOX.
It plays an active role in preparation tools for qualification exams and CBT (computer-based testing).

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1. You can easily create a question in Excel or text. If you are a beginner, we recommend you to use "Question Form".
2. 13 types of questions can be created.
You can also insert images and videos.
You can also embed URL links in the commentary.
By using the optional functions, you can perform tests that are closer to the actual production.

You can learn more about the features of QuizGenerator in this article.
Even if you don't know programming, you can easily create a wide variety of quizzes.

learningBOX is an LMS with all the features required for examinations and tests.

learningBOX is an LMS (Learning Management System) that was developed after QuizGenerator, a quiz creation service.
As an example of how our e-learning system can be used, we recommend that you use it for new employee training and in-house training, as well as for human resource development and in-house education, for the purpose of so-called "e-learning learning. The functions required for online certification tests and online examinations are also very extensive.
Online Certification - e-Learning

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1. Questions with automatic audio, images, videos, YouTube videos, etc. can also be set.
2. The question creator can also set the questions to be automatically shuffled each time the examinee solves a question.
You can also easily set time limits, allocate marks, and not tell candidates the answers to questions.
No.4. You can limit the number of times you take the course.

For more information on the features and functions of learningBOX, please see this article.
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In this article, we introduced the CBT exam, which is now attracting attention as a new testing method to replace the conventional written exam.
Using our e-learning management systems, QuizGenerator and learningBOX, anyone can easily conduct "online examinations and online tests", and the created contents can be operated and conducted as CBT examinations.

learningBOX has been used in a wide range of industries and fields, and has all the features required for online testing. If you have content or learning materials that you would like to transfer to CBT testing, please feel free to contact us.

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