[Latest in 2021] How to conduct web-based tests and examinations easily online!

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The impact of the spread of the new coronavirus has put pressure on the management of qualification and certification organizations.
Many national exams in particular were cancelled due to the risk of infection in the written exam.
At a time when it is becoming increasingly difficult to hold qualification and certification examinations in classrooms or at venues, attention is rapidly turning to online examinations that can be taken at home.

So, in this article, we'll be discussing online testing, which is an easy way for anyone to get started if you're looking to conduct tests and exams online!
If you are a company that is having trouble holding a scheduled certification test or qualification test due to the new coronavirus, or if you are an association that manages certification tests! We hope you will consider this article as a reference.

A series of qualification and certification examinations were cancelled or postponed due to the new coronavirus

2021-Corona - Study discontinued

Digitalization of examinations and tests spreads with Corona Damages

In recent years, many exams were postponed or canceled due to the impact of the coronavirus ravaging our daily lives.
In particular, due to the fact that the written examinations are held at venues where many examinees gather to take the test at the same time, there have been many cases where the examinations have had to be cancelled, which has had a tremendous impact on both the examinees and the organizers.

In response to the trend toward digitalization that is underway at the Corona disaster, introducing such technology in companies has been gathering demand especially for employment and promotion examinations.
For corporate educators who want to take their employee training online!

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QuizGenerator allows you to administer the test on the Internet.

Conduct the test on the web

QuizGenerator is a quiz creation tool that can flexibly handle any question.
The number of users has been increasing year by year, which represents their high satisfaction.
QuizGenerator's quiz creation feature can be used as a tool to prepare for certification exams andCBT (computer-based test)We are active in such areas as

QuizGenerator has a wide variety of 13 question types, and by freely combining options, learners and administrators can configure and study according to their usage, such as "time limit, randomization of the number of questions, and quiz questions for each subject (section question setting)".

Features of the online test that can be conducted safely while taking measures against infection

In the wake of the spread of the new coronavirus, it was recently announced that high-profile exams such as the Nissho Bookkeeping Exam and the Basic Information Technology Engineer Exam would also be offered online.
It has been proposed that in 2021, many qualifications and examinations will shift from traditional written examinations to online.

Benefits of Online Testing

  • Lectures and training can be given over the Internet, eliminating travel time to the venue and transportation costs.
  • Eliminates the time and cost of printing and managing test questions and answer sheets! (Paperless)
  • The tabulation process is just so easy and accurate! The results can be disclosed quickly!
  • The exam can be administered as if it were a real exam! (Time limits, distribution of scores, and the ability to hide learner responses)

Online examinations can significantly reduce the time and cost of results disclosure, as the computer quickly and accurately performs automated scoring and tabulation.

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Sample questions (exams)!

The quizzes created with QuizGenerator can be used in accordance with your usage scenarios, such as "test questions for tests and examinations at schools and cram schools, qualification examinations, etc.

sample problem

Click the [Start Button] on the player screen to start the quiz.

Quizzes created with QuizGenerator can be easily self-created with optional settings

The sample questions have option values that are commonly used for testing.
See the table below for the option values you have set.

options Set value (unit) contents
#mode nomal mode
#question_count 10 (number of problems) maximum number of questions required to be answered
#passing_score 80 (Points) passing mark
#time_limit 300 (sec) time limit
#show_correct_answer false Indication of correct or incorrect answers
#show_instant_result false Indication of correct and incorrect answers for each question
#hide_mark_button true Display of scoring buttons
#movable true Go to previous/next question
#show_seigo_count false Display of the number of correct errors
#messages_passed_title Passed (word) Title of the pass screen
#messages_failed_title Rejected (word) Rejected screen title

In addition, there are various optional values such as "#time_limit_mode (time limit setting for each question)," "#partial_score (partial score function)," and "#suspendable (suspend and resume function)," which can be combined to create original teaching materials. You can create your own original teaching materials by combining these options.
For other option values, see list of options

You can also change the layout to make the questions more like the real exam!

You can create the best test for your subject and application.

Quiz - Layout

The features of ▼QuizGenerator are explained in detail in this article.
Create a wide variety of quizzes without programming knowledge!

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Create online examinations and online tests with learningBOX

learningBOX is an LMS (Learning Management System) that was developed after QuizGenerator, a quiz creation service.
As examples of the usage, the following are recommended: corporate training for new employees, in-house training/education for human resource development. The functions required for online certification tests and online examinations are also highly extensive.

With learningBOX's test creation feature you can easily create online tests.

You can easily set the limit of the number of times you need to take a test and the date and time you want to publish the test date.
You can also set to show or hide the performance information of students during the test according to your usage scenarios.
About the test creation function

Functional aspects of the learningBOX

1. Easy to create exams and tests
The quiz creation form of learningBOX allows users to create quizzes easily by entering questions, answers and explanations according to the specified format. Even those who are not familiar with computer operation or have no knowledge of IT can easily create questions in a few minutes.

2. You can also manage examinees.
You can also check the progress of who is studying, when, and to what extent. It is also possible to send individual email notifications to candidates depending on their learning status and performance.

3. PC, smartphone, and tablet support
You can take the test from any device connected to the Internet without stress.
You can learn more about how to use learningBOX in this article.
Click here for the official page of learningBOX

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In this article, we introduced online testing, which is an easy way to get started online for customers who want to conduct tests and exams over the Internet.

QuizGenerator", our quiz creation tool, and "learningBOX", our e-learning system, make it easy for people with no IT knowledge to administer exams over the Internet.

For those companies and associations that are having trouble conducting scheduled examinations or qualification tests due to the new coronavirus, we hope you will consider this report! We hope that you will consider this matter with reference to this report.

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Web service to make original problems for free

QuizGenerator allows you to create your own original questions easily using only a PC and the Internet, and repeated study with Quizgenerator is highly recommended to build up the basics needed to solve the real exam.

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