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I can't lose to Corona! A quiz to bring summer to Japan

Corona can't be beat! Quizzing the Japanese Summer This is Kidaoka, Marketing Manager. The new coronavirus has caused a storm of postponements, cancellations, and cancelled bookings for tourism, the food and beverage industry, events, and live performances in Japan all at once. For those who were looking forward to summer events, this summer must have been a special summer of self-restraint fatigue. In this article, we have prepared a quiz on the theme of summer in Japan for those of you who didn't get to enjoy it to the fullest! Our quiz generator makes it easy for anyone to create an original quiz! With our quiz generator, anyone can easily create an original quiz! The quizzes you create can be enjoyed by anyone with an Internet-connected device such as a smartphone, tablet, or PC. Click here to see the table of contents 1. take the Japanese summer festival quiz! 2. use the quiz to promote the festival and the town! 3. use original quizzes to enliven your community! 4. summary Take the Japanese Summer Festival Quiz! When you think of summer festivals in Japan, what kind of festivals and events do you imagine? There are many hot festivals in Japan. In this quiz, we will ask you about famous Japanese summer festivals that you should visit at least once, such as Nebuta Festival in Aomori Prefecture, Awaodori Festival in Tokushima Prefecture, Gion Festival in Kyoto Prefecture, etc. There will be 5 questions in total. There will be a total of 5 questions. In addition to the multiple-choice questions, QuizGenerator offers more than 12 different types of questions, including fill-in-the-blank, descriptive, sorting, multiple-choice, and combination questions. How to play QuizGenerator Step 1. Click the Start button on QuizGenerator to start the quiz. Step 2. Click the option you think is the answer, and click the Submit button. Step 3. Grading is automatic, so try your best to get a passing score! A special page will be displayed for those who pass! Use the quiz to promote your festival or city! For those in the tourism industry who have been unable to actively promote their festivals and cities due to the coronavirus, QuizGenerator can be used to create quizzes that can be sent to many users connected to the Internet, and can also be used on social networking sites. Use your quizzes as a communication tool with your customers! Kumagaya City's "Heat Master Test This is a joint project between our quiz creation tool, QuizGenerator, and Kumagaya City's Heat Management Project Team, through a collaboration agreement! Kumagaya City has released the "Heat Prevention Master Test" on its website, utilizing the quiz function of QuizGenerator, our quiz creation tool, in order to provide an "opportunity to learn by oneself" about measures against heat stroke. The content of this quiz is information on measures against heat stroke and Kumagaya City's heat-related projects, etc., and is available to the general public on the web. For more information, please see this article. ➡ Kumagaya City's "Heat Prevention Master Test". How about using it like this? Give out useful information only to those who pass the quiz! Give a discount coupon to those who share the quiz! ➡ Quizzes created with QuizGenerator can be a great communication tool with your customers! Depending on your ideas, it could be a very effective advertising tool! Here are the features of QuizGenerator You can enjoy solving quizzes at your own convenience without worrying about being watched. No need to install apps or do any other time-consuming work. You can create and publish quizzes free of charge using the Internet and a PC. You can also set up animations using images, videos, and gifs. The order of quiz questions and choices can be fixed or randomized! Liven up your community with original quizzes! QuizGenerator can create quizzes with more than 12 different question types. You can post your quizzes on your blog or website, and you don't have to pay for anything from creation to publication! It is free of charge. ➡ How to embed a quiz in your blog or website About how to make a quiz We highly recommend the "Quiz and Test Creation Form," which allows even those who are not good at using computers to create quizzes by entering questions and answers directly into a fixed form. For more information on how to create a quiz, please refer to this article with images. ➡ Creating a quiz with QuizGenerator Between you and me... QuizGenerator is available for free, but you can change it to a richer player by obtaining a license. If you are a customer who wants to be particular about originality in the design of the player's appearance, wording, etc., why not take this opportunity to consider and purchase a license? The license allows you to customize the look and feel of QuizGenerator to your liking and make it richer, which is not possible with the free license. For more information about QuizGenerator licensing, please refer to this article. ➡About Licensing Summary In this article, we introduced a quiz on the theme of summer in Japan using QuizGenerator. Our quiz generator makes it easy for anyone to create an original quiz! For those in the tourism industry who are feeling the sting of not being able to actively advertise due to the coronavirus, QuizGenerator allows you to reach a large number of Internet users with your quizzes. We hope that our QuizGenerator will be a bridge between the tourism industry and you. Thank you for taking the time to read this article!
brain trekking

Easy to make with the internet and your PC, brain trekking!

My name is Kidaoka, and I am in charge of marketing. Have you tried the new QuizGenerator feature "Image Selection" yet? LearningBOX was upgraded from Ver. 2.9 to 2.11 on May 19, 2020. Along with this upgrade, the quiz function of QuizGenerator has also evolved further. In this article, we will introduce a new brain training quiz using the new image selection (choice) feature. If you are interested in creating your own image selection quizzes! Please refer to this article to try out the new features! Click here for the Table of Contents 1. what is "Picture Choice"? 2. brain training quiz using image selection questions 3. how to make a Picture Choice Question 4. summary What are Picture Choice questions? A multiple-choice question is a question in which the correct answer is selected from multiple choices. The choices for multiple-choice questions are displayed in up to two rows, and the answer can be selected by clicking on the image. This feature is available in Quiz-5.7.0 or later versions. Brain Training Quiz with Image Selection Questions I created a rock-paper-scissors quiz using a new feature of QuizGenerator. Be careful not to be misled by the colors or the question text, use "goo, choki, per," and try your best to pass! The time limit is 30 seconds! Rock-Paper-Scissors Quiz Take the quiz! Let us show you how to create image selection questions! QuizGenerator offers three ways to create quizzes: Question Form, Text, and Excel. Let us show you how to make a quiz one by one. If you are not good at using a computer, the question form is very convenient. QuizGenerator has a "Quiz/Test Creation Form" that even first-time users can create with ease. Here, you can create a quiz by simply entering text according to the specified format. This is a highly recommended method for beginners. You can find a detailed explanation of how to make a quiz using the quiz creation form with images here. How to make a quiz using a text file To create a quiz with text, enter the question text on the first line, the quiz format on the second line, the correct answer choices on the third line, and the wrong answer choices on the fourth and subsequent lines. Finally, compress the [images] folder containing the images and the quiz text file to complete the process. The quiz function of QuizGenerator is very rich in optional features. You can choose from a wide variety of options, such as time limits, shuffling of questions, and sound effects. For more information on how to create text-based quizzes, please refer to this article. Creating a quiz using an Excel file If you want to create many quizzes in one batch, we recommend that you create them in Excel. If you are familiar with Excel files, you can easily create quizzes by simply entering the question text, question format, correct answers, and incorrect answers according to a set of rules. Here is the specification for making a quiz in Excel. For detailed instructions on how to make a quiz using Excel, please check this article. Conclusion In this article, we introduced a new feature of QuizGenerator, "Image Selection Question (Choice)," titled "Brain Training Quiz," which allows anyone to create quizzes easily without complicated operations or computer knowledge. Quizzes can be placed on websites and blogs, and can also be posted on social networking services such as Twitter and Facebook. QuizGenerator allows you to create quizzes from a wide variety of question types, including multiple choice, multiple choice, short answer, fill-in-the-blank, and sorting. We hope you will use our QuizGenerator to meet your needs and applications. Thank you for taking the time to read this article.
Hyogo Prefecture Quiz

How to use e-learning to create a local quiz

Hello! I am Kidaoka🍎, a marketing manager. In this article, I created a locality test using our quiz creation tool QuizGenerator. It's been almost a year since I moved here, and I created an interesting quiz on the history, place names, and miscellaneous trivia related to Hyogo Prefecture, where our Tatsuno Information Systems headquarters is located! How much information do you know about your town? This is my first year living in Hyogo Prefecture, and I'm going to check your love for Hyogo with a web quiz! Please take the quiz just for fun! Anyone with a computer and internet access can create and publish the quiz on the web. Please try to make a web quiz with this paper as a reference! Table of Contents 1. the Hyogo Prefecture quiz using e-learning is here! 2. anyone can easily create and publish a quiz on the web in 3 steps! 3. learningBOX is recommended for customers who need a place to put their quizzes! 4. summary The Hyogo Prefecture quiz using e-learning is here! This Hyogo Prefecture quiz is filled with a lot of information and stories in various fields, from maniac questions to those that locals would definitely understand. Here are the contents of the quiz. This is a beginner's quiz with a lot of basic information about Hyogo Prefecture. You can take the quiz here. This is an intermediate level quiz that most people living in Hyogo Prefecture can answer. You can take the quiz here. This is an advanced quiz with many local topics that even Hyogo Prefecture residents can easily get wrong. You can take the quiz here. The quiz with ▼ optional values is here. This is a compound quiz that combines the above "quizzes for beginner to advanced level users into one quiz". ⇒If you pass the Hyogo Proficiency Test, you are now a Hyogo Master! There will be three random quiz questions in each section. The choices are automatically shuffled, and the time limit is set at 10 minutes. You can take the test by clicking here. Quiz Review Features of QuizGenerator QuizGenerator allows you to create quizzes, questions, and tests from 12 different types of questions, allowing you to create a wide variety of questions. Quizzes can include explanatory text, which is highly recommended when preparing for or reviewing quizzes. You can create quizzes that are easy to understand visually by setting up images and videos (YouTube). It is compatible with all devices, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs. The design and wording of the screen can be customized with the purchase of a license. It is free for commercial use, and you can customize the design and wording of the screen by purchasing a license. You can customize the quiz by setting optional values such as random, time, number of questions, and so on. Quizzes can be created and published on the Web easily by anyone in 3 steps. There are three ways to create a quiz 1. using the question creation form 2. Create a quiz using a text file (Notepad) 3. Create quizzes in Excel How to use the Question Creation Form Questions can be easily created using a dedicated web form. Even those who are not good at computer operation can create original quizzes with ease by simply entering or selecting letters according to the specified format. For more details on how to make a quiz, please click here. How to make a quiz using text Describe the text of the first question Describe the question format Write the correct answer Write the wrong answer 1 Write a wrong answer 2 State the wrong answer 3 State the second question State the question type State the correct answer State the wrong answer 1 State the wrong answer 2 State the wrong answer 3 ▼Text template content In the format, the next line of the "question text" (the top line of the choices) is recognized as the "correct answer". Anything below that will be considered a "wrong answer". The order of the choices is randomized when the questions are presented. In addition, please add a line break before the "question text" after the second question. If you have a large number of questions, it is recommended to create the quiz in text format. For more information on how to create a quiz with text, please click here. How to create a quiz using Excel Column A Row B Column C Row D Column E #format:table Question text Word to determine question format Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Example: Select the prefectural capital of Hyogo Prefecture. sa: Kobe City Akashi City Himeji City ▼ Excel Template Contents Enter the question text in column A, the word that determines the question format in column B, the correct answer in column C, and the incorrect answer in column D and beyond You can use spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheet to create your quiz. How to create a quiz using Excel is explained in detail with images here. If you're having trouble finding a place to put your quiz, learningBOX is for you! Quizzes created with QuizGenerator can be distributed to an unspecified number of people, and quizzes can be posted and published on blogs, websites, and other websites. Even those with no programming knowledge can easily set up a quiz. In addition to that, you can register an account with learningBOX for more detailed settings and individual grade management. Using the constraint bar of learningBOX, you can set the constraint conditions, such as "- - - you can proceed to the next step after answering/reading up to this point - - - - you can proceed to the next step after passing up to this point - - - -". Quizzes created by customers can be easily imported into learningBOX, and quizzes can be registered, organized, and operated with a single click of the import button. With learningBOX, you can turn your quiz into a course study! Here is the Hyogo Prefecture quiz introduced above, imported into learningBOX and set up as a course study. Features of learningBOX Even those who are not good at operating a PC can operate this e-learning system intuitively. ・You can use up to 10 accounts for free for an unlimited period of time. Quizzes you have created can be sold as contents (EC function). You can set up a learning control function to help you design your course. There are many other content functions besides quizzes that are useful for teaching and educating learners. You can also register your own programs as course materials. The content functions of learningBOX can be found in detail here. Conclusion In this issue, we have introduced a miscellaneous quiz on Hyogo Prefecture. In creating the quiz, we discovered many things that we did not know even though we live in Hyogo Prefecture, things that we did not know, and things that we realized only after researching. How did you feel after taking the Hyogo Prefecture quiz? We hope that you will feel familiar with knowledge and information about Hyogo Prefecture. By creating the quiz format, we were able to promote miscellaneous knowledge about Hyogo Prefecture to many different people. Our QuizGenerator and learningBOX are very easy and simple to use and set up! In addition to quizzes, they can also be applied to certification exams, qualification tests, school education, and in-house training. We hope you will try to copy and create your own original quiz using this paper as a reference!