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My name is Kidaoka and I am in charge of marketing. Ladies and gentlemen.QuizGenerator's new feature "Image Selection Questions (Optional)Have you tried it yet?

May 19, 2020.LearningBOX is upgraded from Ver2.9 to 2.11.The quiz function of QuizGenerator has also evolved. With it, QuizGenerator's quiz feature has been further developed. In this article, we will discussNewly increased with new features, brain trek quiz with image selection questions (choice)We would like to introduce If you want to make image selection questions! Please refer to this article to try out the new features!


  • 1. what is an image selection question (optional)?
  • 2. brain trek quiz using image selection questions
  • 3. we will show you how to make an image selection question.
  • 4. summary

What is an image selection question (optional)?

These questions are in the format of selecting a correct answer/answers from multiple choices. Up to two rows of choices are displayed for each question, and you can choose an answer/answers by clicking on the image(s).

This feature is available in Quiz-5.7.0 and later versions.


Brain Trek Quiz with Image Selection Questions

Using the new features of QuizGeneratorI made a rock-paper-scissors quiz.Be careful not to get confused by the colors or the question text, use "Goo, Choki, Par" and try your best to pass! Time limit is 30 seconds!

rock, paper, scissors quiz
Rock-paper-scissors quiz - Brain training

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We will show you how to make an image selection question.

QuizGenerator is a Question Form, Text and Excel There are three ways you can make a quiz. Now, let me introduce how to make one by one and its features.
Make a web quiz

If you are not good at operating a computer, the problem form is very useful.

How to make a web quiz

QuizGenerator is a great tool for first-time users to create"Quiz and Test Creation Form.is available. Here, you can make a quiz just by entering sentences according to the specified format. This is a very good way to make a quiz for beginners. How to make a quiz using the creation form list of optionsIt is introduced with a picture in detail in

How to create a quiz using a text file

Text files - Quiz

When you create a quiz with text, the first line should be the question text, the second line should be the quiz question format, the third line should be the correct answer choices, and the fourth and subsequent lines should be the wrong choices.

Finally, compress the images folder and the quiz text file to complete the process. The quiz function of QuizGenerator has a lot of optional features. QuizGenerator's quiz function has a great variety of optional features, such as time limit, shuffle function of questions, quiz sound effects, etc. QuizGenerator's options are list of optionsYou can choose from a list of
For more information on how to create a text-based quiz list of optionsYou can read more about it in the article


Create a quiz using an Excel file

Excel Quiz

If you want to make a lot of quizzes in one batch, we recommend you to make them in Excel. If you want to create a lot of quizzes in one batch, you can use Excel to create quizzes. This shows how to create a quiz in Excel. For detailed instructions on how to create a quiz using Excel, please refer to list of optionsarticle for more information.



In this article, we have introduced a new feature of QuizGenerator, "Image Selection Questions (Select One)", titled "Brain Trek Quiz". The quizzes you create can be placed on your website or blog, and can also be posted on SNS such as Twitter and Facebook.

QuizGenerator allows you to create quizzes from a wide variety of question types, including "multiple choice, multiple choice, descriptive, fill-in-the-blank, and sorted". We hope you will make use of our QuizGenerator according to your needs and applications. Thank you very much for your cooperation in this article.