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Feature 01

Select the right fit for
exams and repetitive learning 
with our 13 quiz types.

You can set a time limit. And a setting to focus on the wrong questions!
You can also create quizzes and questions with video.

Time limit, showing descriptions, quiz shuffle etc., tens of free options will enhance learner engagement.

Quiz Types

Quiz formats Try all Quiz formats

You can set a time limit. And a setting to focus on the wrong questions!
You can also create quizzes and questions with video.
PC screen Complete a quiz/question in as little as 5 minutes!

Features 02

Easy steps with
our Quiz/exam creation form

PC screen Complete quizzes and questions in as little as 5 minutes!

Get your quiz URLs and publish them with limited groups or embed them on your website.

Three ways to create a test/quiz

Excel or Text formats are recommended for a batch file with hundreds of questions.

Feature 03

Accelerate your business with free commercial use

For onboarding, exams, school education and more.

Get a license for customizing design or removing the QuizGenerator label.

More details

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learningBOX is an e-learning system having the same Quiz/exam creation functions as QuizGenerator.
You cannot edit quizzes, manage scores and members with QuizGenerator alone.

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Features of the learningBOX

academic cap

Auto scoring


Content management


Member management


Analyzing & monitoring


Administrator function

EC sales


Up to 10 accounts
Free plan is available forever

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Easy course builder

With learningBOX, you can tailor courses
to enhance deeper knowledge.
PDFs and SCORM are also supported.

Example of features

  • Heading settings will make content clear.
  • Prerequisites will control learning process.
  • Manageable on a course-by-course basis.

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In addition to create quizzes/exams, you can manage members, save scores and track their progress.


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