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You can create a quiz from a YouTube or website URL.

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Up to 5 questions can be created.

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Up to 5 questions can be created.

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The information you enter/paste will not be used to train OpenAI, which conducts research and development of AI.
Due to the features of AI, some content may cause errors or quizzes may not be accurate.
If you do not get the results you want, try another text or URL.

with ChatGPT API


with ChatGPT API

Our e-learning platform, learningBOX,  
will add the feature of ChatGPT API around September 2023.
Prior to the release, try AI-powered quiz creation for free on this page.

Video, PDF and URL
will help you create
content with just
 a single click

Generation from url

Quizzes and memorization cards can be created from videos, PDFs, Web page, URLs and text uploaded to learningBOX.

*You cannot create content from subtitles on a video.
*Some contents may not be generated for some reasons.

quiz auto generation

*Screen image during development

AI assists you in assessing report assignments and

Report Analysis Feedback

AI analyzes submitted reports based on model answers set by the creator. It automatically generates feedback comments on the reports and assists with the time-consuming task.


*Screen image during development

*The functions and screen images are still under development. There may be changes in them from the time of release in September 2023.

New features will be coming soon!