A must-see for students! He who controls e-learning controls the examination!

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A must-see for students! He who controls e-learning controls the examination!

E-learning has been gathering significant attention as one of the great learning methods in recent years. In addition, e-learning has come to be recognized as an effective tip for self study especially during the pandemic caused by COVID-19.
In this article, we will introduce how to prepare for the exam using e-learning learning, a hot topic today.
When it comes to studying for exams, school classes and cram schools have been the standard, but now there is a learning method that is gaining attention that rivals these two.
That's right!It's called "e-learning.

With e-learning, even children who are not good at studying or who are busy with club activities can easily review in a short time.
Repetition learning using e-learning is very effective to learn efficiently in the limited time before the exam!
I look forward to working with you on this article.


  • 1. What is e-learning?
  • 2. Learning Management System (LMS), which is indispensable for e-learning
  • 3. Introduction of effective e-learning for exam preparation
  • 4. learningBOX is an LMS that allows you to manage all your learning and grades on the web.
  • 5. Summary


What is e-learning?

E-learning - Exam Preparation

E-learning is an abbreviation of the English term "electronic learning", which generally refers to a learning method that uses various devices, such as computers, smartphones, and tablets, to digitize learning.

E-learning is attracting attention in a variety of fields, regardless of genre, from personal use to company level, such as learning for career advancement, personal skill development, and understanding of business content within the company.

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Here, we will explain the benefits for the learner.

Advantage 1 of e-learning: "Less constraints on time and place

Basically, each student can study at a pace that suits him or her, anytime and anywhere, without the constraints of time or place.
If the course is compatible with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, you can take the e-learning course without difficulty because you can make use of the time between jobs or when traveling. Also, you will naturally acquire the habit of studying continuously.

Advantage 2 of e-learning: "You can easily check your own understanding

With e-learning, you can receive test results and feedback quickly, and check your level of understanding (achievement) at any time. Repetition learning is possible, so it is easy to strengthen your weak points.
For example, you can hide answers to practice questions, set up pages for review and memorization, or jump to pages related to exam questions.

Advantage 3 of e-learning: "The quality of the learning content can be uniform.

By unifying the content with digital teaching materials, it is possible to solve the problem of unevenness, such as "the same content is not easy to understand for different instructors" or "the progress of each class is different.

Printing out paper-based study materials can take a considerable amount of time, but with web-based materials, it doesn't take much effort to change to the latest information.
Therefore, e-learning materials have the advantage of being more up-to-date than other learning methods.

Learning Management System (LMS) is essential for e-learning

Learning management systems (LMS), as the name implies, were originally developed for the purpose of distributing e-learning materials to learners and managing learning results as data.

What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a system that integrates and manages the delivery of learning materials and grades, etc., necessary for implementing e-learning, and refers to a platform for delivering e-learning via the Internet.

The main functions of the LMS are "management of students and course materials" and "management of learning progress" functions, which enable learning management such as "which course is assigned to which student" and "which student is taking the course and how far they have progressed".
E-learning and LMS are bothSCORMIn many cases, SCORM-compliant materials from different companies can be included in the system, as long as they are developed according to the SCORM specification.


Here are some effective e-learning programs to help you prepare for the exam


QuizGenerator allows you to easily create quizzes with a wide variety of question formats without programming knowledge.
You can publish questions you create on the web for free. It is up to you to publish them for limited, in public, or embed them in your blog or website.

A variety of question types including MCQ, True/false, multiple MCQs, fill-in-the-blank, sequencing, matching, and pull-down menu are all available.

Click the Start button to start the quiz!

  There will be 3 questions from History, Geography, and Civics, for a total of 9 questions.

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QuizGenerator can make "listening questions" that are difficult to prepare for exams!

With the text-to-speech function of QuizGenerator, you can create listening questions in various languages such as English, German, French, etc. where you want the text to be read out loud in the "question text, choice, and explanation".

English Listening Questions Challenge Normal Mode Challenge Master Mode
French Listening Questions Challenge Normal Mode Challenge Master Mode
German Listening Questions Challenge Normal Mode Challenge Master Mode
complex listening comprehension questions Challenge section questions Challenge compound problems

▼ Difference between Master Mode and Normal Mode


Quizgenerator's quiz feature makes it easy to create practice tests, quizzes, and listening questions!

☑ You can set questions with 'images, YouTube videos and explanations' for difficult to understand questions.
☑ Hide learners' grades and answers, set passing scores, time limits, etc
☑ You can make problems only for subjects you are weak in.
☑ Easy to create questions from 13 different types of question form
☑ All settings can be done on the web site

How to use QuizGenerator

The useful usage of ▼QuizGenerator is explained in detail in this article.

 list of options


learningBOX is a web-based learning management and grade management system.

learningBOX-e-learning learning system

The learningBOX is a free service for QuizGenerator customers. I want to save my grades.This LMS was created in response to this request.
LearningBOX is a free e-learning service for individuals and companies.
All you need to prepare is a computer and an internet environment.
You can start your e-learning from the day you register.

How to use the learningBOX to implement exam preparation

With learningBOX, even customers who do not have a website can easily build a learning environment on the Internet.
The quizzes created by QuizGenerator can be uploaded to learningBOX for easy quiz registration.

How to operate the learningBOX

No computer knowledge required!Even if you are not familiar with the system, you can easily learn how to set it up by touching it.
It's a very simple design!
The functions and usage of the learningBOX are list of optionsYou can read more about it in the

Free eLearning Learning


With learningBOX's grade management function, you can see at a glance how much your students are learning and how far they have progressed in addition to the pass/fail information.
For more information. list of optionsfor more information.

▼ Members' performance information can be viewed in five categories.

How to see the learningBOX performance management


▼ Points to prepare for the exam using thelearningBOX

Exam questions can be provided to students as course learning.
The administrator creates the content, and the student learns the material created by the administrator.
Only students who have reached a certain standard (learning completion/passing score) set by the administrator can proceed to the next assignment.
We can grant you a certificate.

▼learningBOX's content features that we recommend to students

In addition to the quiz function, there are many other contents that can be treated as learning materials.
①Video, YouTube video
(2) "Insect-eating notebooks and memorization cards" specialized for memorization
3) Test creation function, report assignment function, questionnaire function, etc. .....
For more information about the functions of the learningBOX list of options



In this post, we've discussed how to prepare for the exam using some of the hottest eLearning learning methods out there!
The key to studying for exams is how much you can continue and build up your learning towards your goal.

Repetition study using e-learning is a highly recommended method of learning to build up the fundamentals needed to solve the real exam.
Even children who are not good at studying or are busy with club activities can easily review in a short time.

Our QuizGenerator and learningBOX can be used by anyone from individuals to companies to start using e-learning for free.
With learningBOX, up to 10 users including the administrator can use almost all functions for free and indefinitely, except for the optional functions that require a fee. We hope you will take this opportunity to use our QuizGenerator and learningBOX.