What is the format of questions according to the difficulty level of the problem? How to use QuizGenerator

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What is the format of the questions according to the difficulty level of the problem?

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Our service content, the"QuizGenerator makes it easy for anyone to create and publish web questions.
In this issue.Useful tips on how to use QuizGeneratorI'll be telling you about it throughout the series!
The first memorable event wasThe questions are tailored to the level of difficulty.

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  • 1. Introduction of the question format suitable for the problem content
  • 2.Quizgenerator has a wide variety of question formats!
  • 3. Summary

When you create a problem, you can use the 'Making problems that are neither too easy nor too difficult for everyone to solve on average.This is the first time that we are going to create problems that meet the needs of both the creators and the recipients! If we are going to make questions, we want to make questions that can meet the needs of all learners, and we want to receive them. But is there such an innovative way of doing exercises?
Yes, I have!
'good work' (equiv. of silver star awarded to children at school)
No matter how easy or hard a problem is, if you change the way the questions are presented, you can make it difficult → easy 0 easy → difficult It is possible to change the settings. Let's take a look at it right away!

Introduce the appropriate question format for the problem content

I actually used QuizGenerator to create theLet's check the questions about Japanese geography (5 questions) as examples.'a'

Questions: Questions about simple geography of Japan, prefectures and prefectural capitals.
Q1:Capital of Japan?
Q2:The capital of Iwate Prefecture?
Q3:The capital of Kanagawa Prefecture?
Q4: What is the largest prefecture in terms of area?
Q5: What is the smallest prefecture in terms of area?

Now let's solve the problems in order from (1) to (5)!

If you want to check your knowledge easily.I recommend errata questions.

(2) If you want to make sure you remember the content of knowledge properly.Choice questions are recommended.

If you want to test or confirm your application skills.Combination, sorting, and multiple selection are recommended.

If you want to check your memorization to a pinpoint.Fill-in-the-blank questions are recommended.

If you want to practice in an environment similar to that of the real regular exam in a test format.Normal mode is recommended.

When the #optional function is added.With explanation & URL link

As you go from (1) to (5), the questions become more difficult.Did you see that the
In the mark sheet format, you can guess the answer by intuition even if you don't know the answer to the question. EspeciallyTrue/FalseIn the case of "1", the question is a choice between two options, so the probability of winning is 50%.
multiple choice (e.g. question)you can adjust the level of difficulty by increasing or decreasing the number of choices compared to correct/incorrect questions.
Combination and Sorting ProblemsIf the learner does not have a firm grasp of each piece of information or knowledge, then he or she will have trouble choosing the answer. Confusing interference in choosing the correct answer can lead learners to believe they are solving a more difficult problem.
Even if the question is about the same thing, the way you listen, the way you ask, theJust by changing the question format, the difficulty level of the problem can change dramatically.I hope you were able to experience the

Quizgenerator has a wide variety of question formats!

Easy to create and publish on the web! QuizGenerator is compatible with all smartphones, tablets, and PCs!

QuizGenerator Question Format
Correct and incorrect questions
・Choice questions
Multiple choice questions
question based on rearranging (words) into the correct order
Sorting problem
Fill-in-the-blank questions, etc.

You can create and publish problems according to the level of difficulty and the problems you want to create. Even if you don't know how to program or you are not good at computers, you can create puzzles in this environment. There is a page with detailed explanations with images and videos. Please check here.
Learn more about QuizGenerator's built-in features
Try to create a question with QuizGenerator


Useful series of QuizGenerator! In this articleThe format of the questions matches the difficulty level of the problem.We have talked about various things that often come to mind when creating a problem, such as adjusting the level of difficulty, learner understanding, and knowledge acquisition. When creating a problem, you need to"What do you want to test for? What are you testing for?is important. Even if the tasks and exercises are the same, the difficulty and tenderness of the questions can change 180 degrees just by changing the format. Complex exercises using a variety of question formats are the key to improving the learner's level and acquiring knowledge. You will be able to answer questions from various angles. Please try to use and operate the built-in functions of QuizGenerator widely according to your purpose and usage.

In the next article, we'll talk about how to use and function the "optional features" that were mentioned in the question format suitable for this time 1. There are many things we haven't talked about yet, such as how to set up explanations and URL links.

We hope you enjoy this second installment of "Mastering Optional Features.