[Latest 2021] How to use e-learning to study for score explosion

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[Latest in 2021] How to use e-learning to blow up your score

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My name is Kidaoka and I'm in charge of marketing.
This article is for anyone who is struggling to reach their target score on school tests or exams, or who is wondering if their current study methods are really working for them.

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  • 1. nearly 90% of the learning methods taught in schools are wrong?
  • 2. here's where the learning difference lies
  • 3. exam study strategies! E-learning learning that educators are now paying attention to
  • 4. summary


Nearly 90% of the learning methods taught in school are wrong?

Nearly 90% of the study methods taught in school are wrong

School teachers are professionals in teaching learning, but they are never professionals in teaching the process of learning.
Have you ever had the experience of drawing a line with a marker in an important part of a lesson at school, or reading a textbook many times before a test?

Yes! I, Kidaoka, used to do this learning method mainly.
But actually, to my surprise, it has been scientifically proven that this method of learning does not stick in the brain's memory.
▼DaiGo, a well-known mentalist, also suggests, "Don't underline one of the study methods you shouldn't do.

Just drawing a line satisfies the brain.
Just because you've sorted out the "important information" doesn't mean your brain will think, "This content is worth remembering.
Therefore, the marked information itself is not engraved in the brain.
Many psychologists call highlighting and underlining "just a distraction".

Source.Don't draw the line! Mentalist DaiGo's urgent proposal! What are the 7 inefficient ways to study that you shouldn't do?from

Do you just think you understand drawing a marker line?

When you read a textbook or reference book or draw a marker line, the human brain feels that it has understood the content and is not able to concentrate.

John Dunlosky, an associate professor of psychology at Kent State University who specializes in learning methods, suggests that students who only draw a line through a marker or read a reference book have little understanding of the course content when tested.

▼ Click here for an interview published by Professor John Dunlosky and colleagues at Kent State University.


Here are some inefficient learning methods that you may have been practicing without realizing it.

It is said that there are many cases of learning methods that have been known for a long time that had little effect when tested scientifically.
Here are a few study methods that are generally recommended, but scientifically speaking, are not really efficient.

1. learning to underline
2. learning by cramming overnight
3. Study by reading textbooks and reference books repeatedly.

Learning to underline is less effective.

As I explained a little earlier, the underline method of learning satisfies the brain just by drawing a line.
In order to fix the memory in the brain, it is much better to make flashcards like a so-called word book and repeat tests and checks rapidly than to draw a marker.

Learning to cram in overnight

You may think that your brain is well rested during sleep, but in fact, during sleep, the brain is very active and has been shown to be strongly related to memory.

During sleep, we transform our short-term memory into long-term memory, that is, into a memory that we will never forget.
If you study all night, you won't have time to consolidate your memory, so you will forget quickly. Sleeping after studying helps to consolidate your memory. Recently, however, it has been suggested that the brain may also be organizing memories during non-REM sleep, when the brain is resting.

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Effective learning methods based on the brain's memory mechanism

Input-based learning using textbooks and reference books has a low retention rate.

It has been stated that memories are retained when they are recalled over and over again.
Reading the same text over and over again does not lead to memorization or memory retention because there is no recall work at all.

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Memory retention is determined by output! Dr. Karpick's experiments on memory

This is where the learning difference is made.

Exam Preparation - eLearning Study

If you're going to study, you want to be able to memorize a lot of knowledge in the same amount of time, and you want to promote memorization to get as high a score as possible.
There are many learning methods that mainly promote memorization, but many of them are not scientifically based or have low evidence.
Here's an explanation of the brain's memory mechanisms and an example of a memorization technique that's been well-documented in research!

Learn about the brain's memory mechanisms!

How can you memorize in a reliable and efficient way when you really need to memorize for an exam or test that is coming up?
The key to efficient memorization is to understand and use the mechanisms by which the brain stores things and knowledge.

People's memories take hold not when they remember, but when they recall.

The human brain forgets once and then recalls, memory is strengthened!
Have you ever had the experience of studying hard but feeling frustrated because you couldn't remember what you had learned, or couldn't remember what you had learned on a test?

Have you ever heard of the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve?
Ebbinghaus was a psychologist famous for his graph showing how human memory changes over time.

People are creatures that forget.
You forget less than 70% in a day. What if you are the "learner"?
How much of what you learned in school in the past do you remember? People are incredibly forgetful creatures.

Three ways to make sure your memory sticks

Here are some specific methods that have been shown to be effective in memory and brain research.
The key to reliable and efficient memorization is to make sure you're doing it the right way, the scientifically correct way to remember!

1. Use word cards.

learningBOX - memorization cards
Efficient memorization means..."Forget and remember.The first step is to repeat the
By recalling it over and over, your brain feels that it's important information and shouldn't be forgotten, leading to reliable memorization!
The study method of remembering over and over again has produced overwhelming results in real-world experiments.

A study conducted by Tufts University in Massachusetts, USA, on 120 students compared a group that simply read the text back to them with a group that took a test form of the words.

As a result, the group that memorized in a test format also reported a higher rate of memory retention for the 50%.
Memorization methods that require repeated recall, such as using word cards, areSearch ExercisesIt is also called "the method of memorization" and is a scientifically based memorization method that leads to memory consolidation.

2. Solve mock tests and tests.

Exam Questions - Quiz
And mock exams and tests are famously memorized ways to make sure you get good grades!
Word cards are limited in the number of words you can write and what you can remember, but mock exams and test formats can be conducted without worrying about the number of words.
Studying at school is basically passive, such as listening to classes and lectures and looking at textbooks.
In contrast, mock exams and tests require you to think for yourself in order to move forward.

Part 3: Summarize what you learned

elearning - recommended

A summary is a brief summary of what the writer is trying to say in this sentence.
Being able to extract the meaning from long and difficult sentences in an easier and more understandable way will improve your reading speed and comprehension of the text.

It's even more effective if you quiz yourself on what you've learned!
You can check your understanding of the content or lack of knowledge.

Exam Study Strategies! E-learning learning that educators are now paying attention to

Online Learning - Exam Preparation

E-learning learning is also known as online learning and refers to a style of learning that uses the Internet.
This is a learning system that allows students to "improve their skills at their own pace, without being restricted by time or place" by using electronic devices such as computers and smartphones and the Internet.

E-learning is an abbreviation for electronic learning, which refers to "a form of learning that is conducted using a variety of devices, such as computers, smartphones, and tablets," and is an educational method that makes learning electronic.
▼ The structure and features of e-learning are explained in detail in this article.
A thorough explanation of the basics of e-learning, how it works and how to use it! [2020]

E-learning learning that you can start for free with the Internet and your computer.

With our e-learning web service, you can efficiently and effectively improve your performance in memorizing and studying for exams, which you were not good at before.
The first step to effectively improving your grades is to find and establish the best learning style for you.
The functions of "Quizgenerator and learningBOX" that Tatsuno Information System can introduce with confidence include functions to help learners memorize and review, and the ability to manage learners' grades and progress all at once on the Web.

QuizGenerator's quiz feature is perfect for repetitive learning


QuizGenerator allows you to create quizzes with a wide variety of question formats easily, even if you don't know programming.
You can use the created problems on the web for free for limited or general public, or embed them in your blog or website.

You can choose from a variety of question types, including multiple-choice, multiple-choice, multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, sorted, combination, and pull-down questions.

What can I learn by using QuizGenerator?

☑ For questions that are difficult to understand, you can set quizzes with 'images, videos, explanations and report function'.
☑ You can also hide learners' grades and answers, set passing scores, time limits, etc.
☑ You can study as many times as you like at your own convenience.
☑ You can submit questions for each subject.
☑ You can easily create problems from 13 different question types.
☑ All settings can be done on the web from your computer.

You can easily create your own original questions and exams to study according to your own learning level.

You can add detailed settings to quizzes and questions, such as a test mode with a time limit, a time attack for each question, a correct/wrong/pass decision displayed after all the answers are completed, and a setting that switches to the next question every 10 seconds.
elearning - easy

You can learn more about how to use ▼QuizGenerator in this article.

For more information about the useful usage and functions of ⇒QuizGeneratorthis way (direction close to the speaker or towards the speaker)for more information.

Features and benefits of e-learning

Because e-learning allows you to study at your own pace and repeat as many times as you like, it is a very suitable learning method for acquiring qualifications, preparing for exams, and overcoming weak subjects.

▼ Benefits for learners

1. You can study anytime and anywhere at your own time.
2. You can learn according to your own level of understanding and progress.
No.3: Easy to understand performance data and performance management
4. You can take as many lessons as you like for preparation, review and re-study.

learningBOX is the recommended e-learning system for studying for exams!

In addition to the QuizGenerator's quiz function, learningBOX also allows you to manage your results such as word cards and insect-eating notebooks all at once on the web.
This e-learning program is easy to start, even for people with no IT expertise.

You can set up courses for teaching materials, manage groups of learners, and make other detailed settings to suit the situation in which you are using the system.
There are a total of 15 different features currently available in our eLearning system!
Some of you may think that the number of functions and types of learningBOX can handle is too many. However, this abundance of learning materials is the strength of learningBOX and the secret of its popularity!

learningBOX-Content functions

You can learn more about the content features of learningBOX in this article.
Recommended for online classes! An e-learning system that is easy to set up, even for first-time users


In this article, we introduced how to study using e-learning for those who are frustrated with their scores on school tests and certification exams, or those who are one step short of their target score or passing score.

Our QuizGenerator and learningBOX features help learners memorize and design courses for self-study, making it easy for you to improve your scores by using IT wisely!

The learningBOX can be used for up to 10 accounts for an unlimited period of time and is free of charge.
You can use it without a manual, and you can experience how easy it is to use!