What is Active Learning, the latest educational method for children's development?

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What is Active Learning, the latest educational method for children's development?

E-learning has been gathering significant attention as one of the great learning methods in recent years. In addition, e-learning has come to be recognized as an effective tip for self study especially during the pandemic caused by COVID-19.
In this article, we will discuss the next generation of educational methods for children to grow up that are now attracting attention"Active Learning.The following is an explanation of the

Now schooling is about to undergo a change!
Educational methods that emphasize active learning, in which children actively try to learn on their own, rather than passive learning, in which educators give one-way lessons and children only passively listen, are attracting attention.


  • 1. What is active learning?
  • 2. Education reform is finally starting in Japan
  • 3. What are the "changes in education" that may occur in the future?
  • 4. Summary


What is Active Learning?

active learning-elearning

Active learning is an educational method also known as "independent, interactive, and deep learning," and is also used as a general term for learning methods in which children actively engage in learning.

Simply put, it is the opposite of the conventional "passive teaching and learning", and refers to "active and proactive teaching and learning".

As a concrete example, group work is often given as one example, and it aims to develop children's "thinking, ethical, communication skills, knowledge, and experience" abilities.

The learning method of active learning has already been adopted by many educational institutions, including universities, kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools, and high schools.

Why do we need active learning?

Why is active learning getting so much attention?

The main reasons for this are environmental and structural changes such as the recent rapid globalization, declining birthrate and aging population, and other social issues.
In this social climate, there are two main reasons why active learning in particular is attracting attention.

1. Information technology is advancing, and the required technology and knowledge are changing rapidly.
2. Active learning skills are required to catch up with the times.

With the advancement of information technology, the speed of problem solving using the Internet has increased dramatically.
Today's children are able to look up anything they don't understand on their smartphones and catch up on information quickly.

Due to these changes in the information society, the required knowledge and skills are shifting quickly.
Learn when the information comes down."Learning to Defend.Instead, learn to identify the knowledge you need on your own."Aggressive Learning.is required.
As a learning method that can solve these problems, "active learning," which can train and cultivate thinking and application skills, is attracting attention.

In the future, Japan, the world, and society as a whole will undergo rapid change, and this may lead to a future that we have never imagined.
What is required of us in such a situation?

The most important skill you need when something unexpected happens is the ability to apply and adapt.

Education Reform Finally Begins in Japan

Education Reform - 2021 - E-Learning

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology defines education as follows.
"Education is the pursuit of the perfection of character and the development of healthy citizens, both mentally and physically, who will form a peaceful nation and society.
(Reference.Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Basic Education Law, Article 1)
The 2020 education reform will include three major reforms.

Introduction of new study guidelines

The Courses of Study refer to the curriculum established by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
The Courses of Study are revised about every 10 years in response to changes in the times, the circumstances surrounding children, and the needs of society, and textbooks are also changed in response to the revised Courses of Study.

The new Courses of Study will be implemented on an annual basis, starting with students enrolled in elementary school in the 2020 academic year, middle school in the 2021 academic year, and high school in the 2022 academic year.

English education reform

In addition to enriching English education in elementary schools and making it a subject, it has been announced that English classes in junior high schools and high schools will basically be taught in English.
In addition, it was announced that the Common Test for University Entrance, which will be introduced in 2021 in place of the National Center Test, will evaluate the four skills of reading, listening, writing, and speaking, instead of the traditional two skills of reading and writing, by adding private English tests such as EIKEN and GTEC.

university entrance examination reform

Changes to the university entrance examination system have also been announced. The conventional National Center Test will be abolished and the Common Test for University Admissions will be implemented.
In addition to assessing the understanding of knowledge, a new writing style question will be introduced to evaluate the ability to think, judge and express based on knowledge.

In English, in addition to the conventional skills of "reading and listening", "speaking and writing" skills will also be tested, and the system will require the submission of scores from private examinations. In addition, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) has requested that the motivation for application and self-promotion be added to the evaluation of the general entrance examination (general selection).

How will education reform change the way we teach in schools?

e-Learning - School Education

The education reform will guide children to acquire the ability to "live" in cooperation with society.
The main aim is not just to memorize what is written in the textbook, but to cultivate the ability to think, make decisions, and think for oneself, and to enhance humanity.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) is working to improve the environment with a view to including IT-based digital textbooks and online learning using e-learning.
If textbooks are digitized and tablets are introduced in the classroom, it will be possible to provide easy-to-understand lessons using audio and video.

What are the "changes in education" that may occur in the future?

It is thought that classes that focus on "thinking" and "communicating" will be highly valued, and it is expected that this will change from the conventional memory and memorization style.

It is intended to nurture human resources who can play an active role in society by providing children with abundant opportunities for communication while developing their curiosity and individuality.

In particular, it differs from conventional educational methods in that it tries to develop the qualities of dialogue and cooperation rather than completing self-learning.

How to start active learning using e-learning

How to start active learning using e-learning

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In this article, we introduced "active learning", which is now attracting attention.

After 2020, when the new coronavirus changed the way of life, 2021 is expected to be a leap forward for further educational reform.
The 2020s are said to be a turning point in the education industry, with school education based on the new Courses of Study beginning in fiscal 2020 for elementary schools, fiscal 2021 for junior high schools, and fiscal 2022 for senior high schools.

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