[2021 Newest] Take the Animal Facts Quiz!

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[2021 Newest] Take the Animal Facts Quiz!

My name is Kidaoka and I'm in charge of marketing.
In this article, we'll use QuizGenerator's quiz function to find out the names of some of the most popular creatures in zoos and aquariums, as well as some unusual creatures that you may not have heard of.A quiz that children and adults can enjoy together.was created.

There are easy quizzes and hard quizzes for advanced users! Please try to solve them to test your strength!

With QuizGenerator, anyone can create quizzes easily and for free, and publish them on the web and SNS.
The quizzes can be embedded in a website (HP) or used in an e-learning system calledlearning boxIn addition, you can register and manage students, and even save their grades.

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  • 1. Challenge the animal quiz
  • 2.QuizGenerator allows you to create and publish quizzes on the web for free
  • 3.Let us introduce you to some examples of using QuizGenerator
  • 4. Summary


Animal Quiz Challenge

▼ Click here for the quiz rules.

Number of questions ⇒ 10 questions will be asked at random each time

The quiz will consist of multiple choice, correct/false and combination questions.

Time limit ⇒ Please solve the quiz within 60 seconds.


How to operate QuizGenerator

Latest Animal Quiz of 2021

QuizGenerator will start the quiz when you click the [Start] button displayed on the player screen.
You can repeat the quiz as many times as you like, there is no limit.

QuizGenerator has two modes, "Normal Mode and Master Mode". Normal Mode is recommended for exams and certification tests, and Master Mode is recommended for preparation and review for exams.

Features of Normal Mode

When you create a quiz with Normal mode specified, only the Start button will be displayed on the quiz start screen.

Master Mode Features

When you create a quiz in Master mode, "Start strategy button", "Overcome weak points button" and "Review button" will be displayed on the quiz start screen for you to select.
This mode is highly recommended for those who want to study and review repeatedly, not for exams and tests!

▼ The difference between Normal Mode and Master Mode is explained in detail in this article.


[Elementary]: Look at the silhouettes of the animals and guess their names!

  Please choose one animal name that you think is correct.

  Download: source file, converted file     Open in a new window


[Intermediate]: Challenge yourself with 0× questions about animal ecology!

  Please read the question and click 0 if it is correct or O if it is wrong

  Download: source file, converted file     Open in a new window


Advanced level]: Kanji quiz on difficult-to-read animals! If you can solve this, you're at the level of an animal doctor!

  Please correct the combination.

  Download: source file, converted file     Open in a new window


QuizGenerator allows you to create and publish quizzes on the web for free


With QuizGenerator, you can make quizzes with various question formats, such as multiple choice, selection and fill-in-the-blank questions.
Even if you don't know programming or are not good at computer operation, you can make a quiz that you imagined.

Here's what QuizGenerator has to offer!

You can create quizzes from a total of 13 types for free, and this quiz creation tool is compatible with all devices including PCs and smartphones (iPhone, iPad, Android).

QuizGenerator can be customized to include images, videos, URL links, and YouTube videos in question texts and explanations by setting our original option values.

Click here to see our popular options.

time limit
Limit answer time
Questions by section
The questions are divided into several groups and a specified number of questions are given from each group. By dividing the questions into groups by difficulty level or by unit, you can avoid unevenness in the content of the questions.
Designation of the number of questions
You can specify the number of questions from the question set.
Randomization of question order: The questions will be given in a different order each time.
Randomization of choices: Prevents memorization of the correct answer in a position.
You can set an explanation for each question. You can also switch the message for each answer or choice.
Image & Sound
Images and sounds can be inserted into the question text and choices.

The optional items that can be set in ▼QuizGenerator are listed and introduced here.


We're flexible on design customization!

Design Customization-QuizGenerator

If you purchase a license of QuizGenerator, you can change the design of the player screen and change the words in the system freely according to your preference! Buy a license and make your quiz more original!

Between you and me...

QuizGenerator can be used for free, but you can change it to a richer player by getting a license.
If you are a customer who wants to be original in the design of your player's appearance and the wording of your words, why not take this opportunity to consider and purchase a license?

The design of QuizGenerator consists of HTML (index.html) and style sheet (css/style.css), and you can freely change it according to your preference. You can also hide the credit display.

▼ Information about purchasing a QuizGenerator license is explained in detail in this article.


Here are some examples of how to use QuizGenerator.

See this article for an example of how to use QuizGenerator for quizzes.

Using QuizGenerator to create a local quiz

Conduct exams and tests on the web using ▼QuizGenerator
Campaign in collaboration with Kumagaya City
Only those who pass the quiz will get the inside scoop!
I'll give away a discount coupon to anyone who shares the quiz!

➡ The quizzes you create with QuizGenerator will turn into a great communication tool with your customers!
Depending on your ideas, this could be a very effective advertisement!

For more information about how to use QuizGenerator, see 【Staff BlogWe are always updating this page! If you are interested in our services, please read on.


In this article, we have introduced an animal quiz using QuizGenerator's quiz creation feature. I hope you all have passed it.
With QuizGenerator, anyone can create quizzes easily and for free, and publish them on the web and SNS.

Let's try to make a quiz using QuizGenerator with reference to this paper!
Thank you for your patience with this paper.