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QuizGenerator(beta) General Public Questions (NEW HORIZON 1st Grade) was added!

NEW HORIZON 1 (1st year junior high school, English textbook) is divided into units. Please use it to prepare for mid-term and final exams. You can also use it for preparatory study as if it were a game. (^o^)Unit 1Input (typing) question selectionUnit 2Input (typing) question selectionUnit 3Input (typing) question selectionUnit 4Input (typing) question selectionPresentation 1Input (typing) question selectionUnit 5Input (typing) question selection Question SelectionDaily Scene 1Input (Typing) Question SelectionUnit 6Input (Typing) Question SelectionDaily Scene 2Input (Typing) Question SelectionUnit 7Input (Typing) Question SelectionDaily Scene 3Input (Typing) Question SelectionUnit 8Input (Typing) Question Selection Typing) Question ChoiceQuestionsDaily Scene 4Input (Typing) Question ChoiceQuestionsSummary and Practice 4Input (Typing) Question ChoiceQuestionsUnit 9Input (Typing) Question ChoiceQuestionsDaily Scene 5Input (Typing) Question ChoiceQuestionsPresentation 2Input (Typing) Question Selection QuestionUnit 10Input (Typing) Question Selection QuestionDaily Scene 6Input (Typing) Question Selection QuestionUnit 11Input (Typing) Question Selection QuestionDaily Scene 7Input (Typing) Question Selection QuestionPresentation 3Input (Typing) Question Selection QuestionLet's Read s ReadInput (Typing)Question ChoiceNEW HORIZON The character "Ms. Ellen Baker" from 1 and 3 seems to be very popular right now. My husband, who is one year older than me, told me about her. I know things /(^o^)\ Unfortunately, it doesn't appear in the second grade. (^_^;)
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QuizGenerator(beta) public questions (Sunshine 2nd grade) were added!

Sunshine 2 (2nd year junior high school, English textbook) is divided into units. Please use it to prepare for mid-term and final exams. You can also use it for preparatory study as if it were a game. (^o^)PROGRAM 1Input (typing) question selectionPOWER-UP 1Input (typing) question selectionPROGRAM 2Input (typing) question selectionPOWER-UP 2Input (typing) question selectionPROGRAM 3Input (typing) question selectionPOWER-UP 3Input (Typing) Question SelectionMy Project 4Input (Typing) Question SelectionPROGRAM 4Input (Typing) Question SelectionPROGRAM 5Input (Typing) Question SelectionPOWER-UP 4Input (Typing) Question SelectionPROGRAM 6Input (Typing) Question Power-Up 5Input (Typing) Question ChoicePROGRAM 7Input (Typing) Question ChoicePOWER-UP 6Input (Typing) Question ChoiceMy Project 5Input (Typing) Question ChoicePROGRAM 8Input (Typing) Question ChoicePROGRAM 9Input (typing) question choicePOWER-UP 7Input (typing) question choicePROGRAM 10Input (typing) question choicePOWER-UP 8Input (typing) question choicePROGRAM 11Input (typing) question choicePOWER-UP 9Input (typing) Question ChoiceMy Project 6Input (Typing)Question ChoicePROGRAM 12Input (Typing)Question ChoiceI introduced the same Sunshine junior high school students in a previous article, but this one has more units. I feel like the key is to enjoy the holidays a lot and then switch your mind to learning after the holidays. (^o^)
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QuizGenerator(beta) public questions (Sunshine 3rd grade) were added!

Sunshine 3 (junior high school 3rd grade, English textbook) is divided into units. Please use it to prepare for mid-term and final exams. You can also use it for preparatory study as if it were a game. (^o^)PROGRAM 1 Input (typing) question selectionPOWER-UP 1 Input (typing) question selectionPROGRAM 2 Input (typing) question selectionPROGRAM 3 Input (typing) question selectionPOWER-UP 2 Input (typing) question selectionMy Project 7 Input (Typing) Question Selection PROGRAM 41,2 Input (Typing) Question Selection 3,4 Input (Typing) Question Selection POWER-UP 3 Input (Typing) Question Selection PROGRAM 5 Input (Typing) Question Selection POWER-UP 4 Input (Typing) Question Selection typing) question choice PROGRAM 6 Input (typing) question choice My Project 8 Input (typing) question choice PROGRAM 7 Input (typing) question choice POWER-UP 5 Input (typing) question choice PROGRAM 8 Input (typing) question choice POWER-UP 6 Input (Typing) Question Choice PROGRAM 91,2 Input (Typing) Question Choice 3,4 Input (Typing) Question Choice POWER-UP 7 Input (Typing) Question Choice Special Project Input (Typing) Question Choice New School Year and It's been a month since the start of the new school year. Have you gotten used to your new life and new members? Studying will become a little more difficult, but we will get through it together! We will be happy if we can be of any help to you. (^o^) We are planning to add more things in the future. Enjoy!
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Release of QuizGenerator(beta) with new features of member management and saving grades

We are pleased to announce the release of our new QuizGenerator (beta)! This service has added member management and grade storage. Four major functions of ▼learningBOX  Answer questions】・・・ Solving questions  Create questions】・・・Create and manage 8 types of questions  Save Results】・・・・You can view the results of members.  Create and manage groups and members Outline Since 2011, we have been offering QuizGenerator (, a tool that allows users to create free quizzes from text (.txt) files on the web. Thanks to this tool, we have been ranked No. 1 in Google search for keywords such as "quiz generator" and we have been receiving more inquiries than ever before. We believe that the reason why users are using this tool is because it is free for commercial use, can be easily created by anyone with a text file, and supports 8 different question formats including fill-in-the-blanks and sorting. The applications are as follows Review materials for students at cram schools. To help students memorize manuals for restaurants. To have new graduates learn basic knowledge in the company The main use of the system is for small-scale applications. One of the questions we received was, "Can you save students' grades?" One of the inquiries we received was, "Can you save the grades of the students? QuizGenerator is a quiz-making software, so it is not possible to save grades by itself. Therefore, in December of last year, we started developing a service that can save QuizGenerator grades, based on the policy of "developing into an e-learning web system that can be introduced by small businesses without difficulty. What we were concerned about was the price. In order to store grades, there are inevitably server costs and other expenses. Normally, e-learning systems are offered at 300-500 yen per account per month. However, we believe that our service should be available to small businesses (or divisions of large companies). Therefore, by simplifying and simplifying the question submission system and integrating it into a single quiz management system, we have been able to reduce costs and offer the service at 2,500 yen/month for 11 to 100 accounts (lowest price: 25 yen/month per account). Even if there are 100 employees or students, we hope that this system will be loved by companies that have not been able to afford e-learning until now, because we have made it possible for them to pay only 2,500 yen/month. We hope that this system will be used as an educational system for small and medium-sized companies, as a learning management system for private tutoring schools, and as manual teaching materials for restaurants. Below is the URL of the learningBOX site. Please click here to apply.  ⇒ Please take a look. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.