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QuizGenerator to help you prepare for college entrance exams!

QuizGenerator for College Entrance Exam Preparation! Hello! This is Hirota from the Marketing Department. It's the time of the exam season in full swing. Many of you may be studying late into the night for entrance exams. So, in this article, I would like to introduce "Exam Preparation with QuizGenerator," focusing on university entrance examinations. This article is recommended for those who want to "study efficiently for the entrance exam. We have also created test questions for English and mathematics with reference to the 2020 Common University Entrance Test, so please take advantage of this as a reference for your exam preparation ✏. Click here for the Table of Contents 1. QuizGenerator is useful if you want to prepare for the entrance exam! 2. let's try solving entrance exam problems [English 3. let's try solving entrance exam problems [Mathematics 4. recommended features of QuizGenerator for studying for the exam! 5. managing grades with learningBOX 6. summary If you want to prepare for exams, QuizGenerator is the way to go! QuizGenerator is a web service that allows you to easily create questions on your computer and the Internet. The name "QuizGenerator" might lead you to think that it is a "quiz creation tool. However, QuizGenerator can easily create "tests for college or certification exams" in addition to quiz creation. Exam Preparation You Can Do with QuizGenerator QuizGenerator allows anyone to create original questions for free, even those who do not know programming. Although not created in this case, it is possible to create English listening questions and Japanese language tests in which the sentences are written vertically. Also, since LaTex is supported, you can create questions that include special symbols and mathematical formulas used in math problems. ⇒For more information, see QuizGenerator is an e-learning system that supports mathematical formulas and special symbols. QuizGenerator is an e-learning system that supports mathematical formulas and special symbols. Let's Solve Entrance Examination Questions [English To prepare for the university entrance exam, we have created some questions in QuizGenerator using some excerpts from the 2020 Common University Entrance Test. The scoring results will be displayed when you solve the questions to the end. Please try to check your answers. There are "12" questions in total. (*Listening questions are excluded) Challenge the quiz Let's solve entrance exam problems [Mathematics]. Some questions are excerpted from Math I, Math A, Math II, and Math B, respectively. Please enter the symbols and numbers that apply to the boxes. There are "14 problems" in total. Take the quiz Recommended features of QuizGenerator for use in studying for exams! When taking a real college entrance exam, there are various missions such as time limits and passing scores. QuizGenerator allows you to take the test as if you were taking the real exam by setting all kinds of settings. ▼ Here are some of the test preparation settings you can make in QuizGenerator. Shuffle the order of the questions so that you don't have to remember the order of the answers. Set a time limit and get into the habit of solving questions within the time limit. By hiding the correct and incorrect answers in the middle of a question, you can clarify problems you are not good at while checking your answers. If you set up the system to allow you to move back and forth between questions freely, you can start with the questions you are good at and get an overview of the entire test. Once you have created a question, you can review it repeatedly and share it with others. Once you have created questions, you can review them repeatedly and share them with others. We would like to introduce some of the features of QuizGenerator that we particularly recommend. Set a time limit As mentioned above, the actual test must be answered within a time limit. By creating a test with a time limit in QuizGenerator, you can prepare yourself for the pressure of the real test and time allocation. The time limit can be set in "seconds", so you can adjust the time in detail. ⇒For details, please refer to "How to set a time limit". Hide correct and incorrect answers in the middle of a question This setting allows you to hide answers to each question, place a grade button only on the final question, and display the correct or incorrect answers after the question is solved. This setting will prevent the user from looking at the answers while answering a question and thinking that he or she understands it. In addition, by knowing the correct answer after the test is completed, the student will have the opportunity to review the incorrect answers. In a real test, it is impossible to check the answers each time. Therefore, this feature is highly recommended for those who want to study more closely to the real test situation. ⇒See "Hide Scoring Button in the middle of a question" for more details. Ability to move back and forth between previous and next questions With the default setting, questions are presented in order, and you cannot freely look at the previous and next questions. Therefore, it is impossible to review your answers after you have solved all the questions. Also, when you take the test, you will first look over the entire test and consider the approximate amount of time you will spend on each question. In such cases, you can set the test to display the questions in any order you wish, without being locked into a specific order. ⇒For more information, please see Moving to Previous and Next Question. For more information on how to use ▼QuizGenerator conveniently, please refer to this article. Grades management with learningBOX learningBOX is an e-learning system that allows you to manage "grading and grade management" all at once, in addition to the quiz function of Quizgenerator. With learningBOX, you can also automatically count your study hours on a daily basis. You can proceed with your studies systematically while checking how much you are working on your studies. Not only solving problems, but also "thinking about the problem sentences by yourself and reviewing the problems repeatedly" is a very effective learning method to prepare for the university entrance examinations. If you can manage your own performance with learningBOX, you will be able to motivate yourself by saying, "My test score is gradually improving! This will motivate you to study harder. For more information on how to use learningBOX, please refer to the introduction of its functions here. Conclusion I want to get into the college of my choice! To do that, I just need to study!" and studying blindly may not be enough to prepare for the entrance examinations as you would like. It is important to have a proper study method to prepare for the exam and to stay healthy both mentally and physically. If you use QuizGenerator to prepare for the test, you will have the opportunity to increase your knowledge in three stages: creating questions, solving questions, and answering questions. In addition, by utilizing learningBOX together, individual grade data and learning progress can be easily managed within the system. learningBOX can be used "free for an unlimited period of time" for individual use, including administrators. The free plan can be used by up to 10 users, including the administrator, so you can share your test questions with your friends to enhance your learning experience. If you are interested, please try the free plan of learningBOX. We also recommend this! Also read "What is Quizgenerator, a learning tool to enhance educational effectiveness?
Three ways to study in your spare time

Three tips to study in your spare time

Recommended for Working Professionals!" 3 study methods for your skimming time. Hello everyone, it is nice to meet you. My name is Takemoto, and I joined the company in November of this year. You will probably see me on the QuizGenerator blog from now on. I look forward to working with you. The theme of this month's article is. [Recommended for Working People! Three study methods in your spare time. This article is recommended for people who I am too busy with work and cannot find time to study. Want to know how to study efficiently I want to make the most of my study time. I want to make the most of my study time. Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation. Click here for the Table of Contents 1. Study method 1: Listening and studying in your spare time 2. Study Method 2: Reading Reference Books 3. Study Method 3: Study with QuizGenerator 4. Conclusion Study Method 1: Study by Listening and Streaming Let me quickly introduce you to the study by listening. What is "kikiyori-nagashi" study? A listen-and-learn study is as follows Listening to English audio Listening to videos from schools and other sources. Listening to your own recordings Listening to your own recordings. In other words, you can acquire skills and knowledge just by listening to them. Is it effective just by listening and playing along? In conclusion, simply listening is not effective. If you keep on listening, you will not be able to understand what you hear. If you continue to leave unfamiliar content unattended, you will not be able to understand it. It is only a supplementary study method. For example Have you ever had the experience of not being able to concentrate on what the other person is saying because you are concerned about what the other person is saying when they say something you don't understand? In the same way, when you study by listening, you cannot continue to study because you are distracted by terms you don't understand. Therefore, you should understand the content you do not understand beforehand before proceeding with your study of the listening comprehension. Tips for kikinori-nagashi study Earlier, we mentioned that simply listening is not effective. However, knowing the tips of kikiyori-nagashi study will increase the effectiveness of your learning. 1. Start with content that is appropriate for your level. Instead of suddenly starting with difficult content, start with content that you can understand. If you don't understand a term you don't understand, you won't understand it even if you listen to it. When learning something new, it is easier to concentrate and more motivated to study if you start from an easy place. Therefore, start studying from the content that is appropriate for your level. 2. Listen with the content in mind from time to time. Try to listen to the lesson with an awareness of what content you are currently studying, even if it is just to check. This will help you understand the content by organizing it in your mind. When you listen to others, it is easier for them to visualize what you are trying to say if you organize it in your mind instead of just listening to them. Try listening with an awareness of the content, even if it is only once in a while. 3. Repeat input and output The relationship between input and output is important for achieving results. No matter how much knowledge and experience you input, if you do not output it well, it will not necessarily lead to results and achievements. When a person repeatedly outputs input information, it will be retained in his or her memory. For example Have you ever looked at a kanji or English word that you had inputted once and could not remember how to read it? Have you ever had such an experience? If you have such an experience, it may be due to a lack of output. By using what you have learned in your studies (output), you can make it stick more firmly in your mind. Therefore, in the same way that you study by listening, you should actually output what you hear. By following the above methods, your comprehension will improve and the content will naturally take root in your mind. In addition, listening to the same content over and over again will further improve your comprehension. Study method 2 that can be done in your spare time: Read reference books From here, we will introduce the study method of reading reference books. Be careful when buying reference books When you start studying, don't you end up buying a lot of reference books? I also buy a lot of reference books, thinking "I like this one" or "Oh, this one is good too. This one is good too. However, this is the wrong way. Here is why. You buy a lot of reference books and feel satisfied. You feel like you've done a lot of studying just by buying reference books. They give up on studying. Therefore, think about why you need to buy reference books. Buying one reference book is enough. There is no need to buy a lot of them because many of the contents are similar. Before buying a reference book, make sure you have a clear purpose as to why you need it. Note that buying a reference book without a clear purpose will not motivate you. Read reference books as if you were reading a book. It is effective to study by reading reference books in your spare time. This is because Because you can grasp the whole of the reference book. Reading a book over and over again improves your understanding of the contents. Let me introduce what the above means in detail. 1. Because you can grasp the entirety of the reference book. First of all, you should read the book from beginning to end. This is because you will be able to grasp the contents of the exam and check your weak points. If you understand the entire contents, you can focus on your goal, and your motivation will increase as your goal becomes clearer. Also, if you don't understand something, put a sticky note or marker on it. This will allow you to keep track of what you don't understand and will come in handy later when you read it over and over again. Therefore, start by grasping the entire reference book. 2. Reading a book over and over again will improve your understanding of its contents. Reading a reference book only once is not enough to understand its contents. Textbooks and books cannot be understood just by reading them once, so they must be read repeatedly. The same is true of reference books: by reading them repeatedly, you will be able to retain the content in your memory and understand it. Study method 3: Study with QuizGenerator From here, we will introduce QuizGenerator. What is Quizgenerator? QuizGenerator is a web service that allows anyone to create original questions for free. Its features are as follows ・Able to create questions from 13 different types of question types for free for commercial use. Questions can be created using familiar materials such as textbooks and Excel. ・Study in your spare time from your smartphone or tablet. ・Preparation and review You can grasp your level of understanding. Students can study at their own convenient time, and can also study their weak points over and over again. In addition, despite these features, anyone can study easily and for free. QuizGenerator is rich in features QuizGenerator offers 13 question formats plus detailed settings. 1. Insert images Images can be placed in the question text, and if GIF images are used properly, animated expressions can also be used. 2. Include audio You can insert audio into the question text. This can be used as a measure against listening questions. 3. Inserting mathematical formulas Using mathematical formulas, you can also create problems in mathematics and chemistry. 4. Time limit
Hyogo Prefecture Quiz

How to use e-learning to create a local quiz

Hello! I am Kidaoka🍎, a marketing manager. In this article, I created a locality test using our quiz creation tool QuizGenerator. It's been almost a year since I moved here, and I created an interesting quiz on the history, place names, and miscellaneous trivia related to Hyogo Prefecture, where our Tatsuno Information Systems headquarters is located! How much information do you know about your town? This is my first year living in Hyogo Prefecture, and I'm going to check your love for Hyogo with a web quiz! Please take the quiz just for fun! Anyone with a computer and internet access can create and publish the quiz on the web. Please try to make a web quiz with this paper as a reference! Table of Contents 1. the Hyogo Prefecture quiz using e-learning is here! 2. anyone can easily create and publish a quiz on the web in 3 steps! 3. learningBOX is recommended for customers who need a place to put their quizzes! 4. summary The Hyogo Prefecture quiz using e-learning is here! This Hyogo Prefecture quiz is filled with a lot of information and stories in various fields, from maniac questions to those that locals would definitely understand. Here are the contents of the quiz. This is a beginner's quiz with a lot of basic information about Hyogo Prefecture. You can take the quiz here. This is an intermediate level quiz that most people living in Hyogo Prefecture can answer. You can take the quiz here. This is an advanced quiz with many local topics that even Hyogo Prefecture residents can easily get wrong. You can take the quiz here. The quiz with ▼ optional values is here. This is a compound quiz that combines the above "quizzes for beginner to advanced level users into one quiz". ⇒If you pass the Hyogo Proficiency Test, you are now a Hyogo Master! There will be three random quiz questions in each section. The choices are automatically shuffled, and the time limit is set at 10 minutes. You can take the test by clicking here. Quiz Review Features of QuizGenerator QuizGenerator allows you to create quizzes, questions, and tests from 12 different types of questions, allowing you to create a wide variety of questions. Quizzes can include explanatory text, which is highly recommended when preparing for or reviewing quizzes. You can create quizzes that are easy to understand visually by setting up images and videos (YouTube). It is compatible with all devices, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs. The design and wording of the screen can be customized with the purchase of a license. It is free for commercial use, and you can customize the design and wording of the screen by purchasing a license. You can customize the quiz by setting optional values such as random, time, number of questions, and so on. Quizzes can be created and published on the Web easily by anyone in 3 steps. There are three ways to create a quiz 1. using the question creation form 2. Create a quiz using a text file (Notepad) 3. Create quizzes in Excel How to use the Question Creation Form Questions can be easily created using a dedicated web form. Even those who are not good at computer operation can create original quizzes with ease by simply entering or selecting letters according to the specified format. For more details on how to make a quiz, please click here. How to make a quiz using text Describe the text of the first question Describe the question format Write the correct answer Write the wrong answer 1 Write a wrong answer 2 State the wrong answer 3 State the second question State the question type State the correct answer State the wrong answer 1 State the wrong answer 2 State the wrong answer 3 ▼Text template content In the format, the next line of the "question text" (the top line of the choices) is recognized as the "correct answer". Anything below that will be considered a "wrong answer". The order of the choices is randomized when the questions are presented. In addition, please add a line break before the "question text" after the second question. If you have a large number of questions, it is recommended to create the quiz in text format. For more information on how to create a quiz with text, please click here. How to create a quiz using Excel Column A Row B Column C Row D Column E #format:table Question text Word to determine question format Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Example: Select the prefectural capital of Hyogo Prefecture. sa: Kobe City Akashi City Himeji City ▼ Excel Template Contents Enter the question text in column A, the word that determines the question format in column B, the correct answer in column C, and the incorrect answer in column D and beyond You can use spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheet to create your quiz. How to create a quiz using Excel is explained in detail with images here. If you're having trouble finding a place to put your quiz, learningBOX is for you! Quizzes created with QuizGenerator can be distributed to an unspecified number of people, and quizzes can be posted and published on blogs, websites, and other websites. Even those with no programming knowledge can easily set up a quiz. In addition to that, you can register an account with learningBOX for more detailed settings and individual grade management. Using the constraint bar of learningBOX, you can set the constraint conditions, such as "- - - you can proceed to the next step after answering/reading up to this point - - - - you can proceed to the next step after passing up to this point - - - -". Quizzes created by customers can be easily imported into learningBOX, and quizzes can be registered, organized, and operated with a single click of the import button. With learningBOX, you can turn your quiz into a course study! Here is the Hyogo Prefecture quiz introduced above, imported into learningBOX and set up as a course study. Features of learningBOX Even those who are not good at operating a PC can operate this e-learning system intuitively. ・You can use up to 10 accounts for free for an unlimited period of time. Quizzes you have created can be sold as contents (EC function). You can set up a learning control function to help you design your course. There are many other content functions besides quizzes that are useful for teaching and educating learners. You can also register your own programs as course materials. The content functions of learningBOX can be found in detail here. Conclusion In this issue, we have introduced a miscellaneous quiz on Hyogo Prefecture. In creating the quiz, we discovered many things that we did not know even though we live in Hyogo Prefecture, things that we did not know, and things that we realized only after researching. How did you feel after taking the Hyogo Prefecture quiz? We hope that you will feel familiar with knowledge and information about Hyogo Prefecture. By creating the quiz format, we were able to promote miscellaneous knowledge about Hyogo Prefecture to many different people. Our QuizGenerator and learningBOX are very easy and simple to use and set up! In addition to quizzes, they can also be applied to certification exams, qualification tests, school education, and in-house training. We hope you will try to copy and create your own original quiz using this paper as a reference!