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Sunshine 3 (junior high school 3rd grade, English textbook) is divided into units. Please use it to prepare for mid-term and final exams. You can also use it for preparatory study as if it were a game. (^o^)PROGRAM 1 Input (typing) question selectionPOWER-UP 1 Input (typing) question selectionPROGRAM 2 Input (typing) question selectionPROGRAM 3 Input (typing) question selectionPOWER-UP 2 Input (typing) question selectionMy Project 7 Input (Typing) Question Selection PROGRAM 41,2 Input (Typing) Question Selection 3,4 Input (Typing) Question Selection POWER-UP 3 Input (Typing) Question Selection PROGRAM 5 Input (Typing) Question Selection POWER-UP 4 Input (Typing) Question Selection typing) question choice PROGRAM 6 Input (typing) question choice My Project 8 Input (typing) question choice PROGRAM 7 Input (typing) question choice POWER-UP 5 Input (typing) question choice PROGRAM 8 Input (typing) question choice POWER-UP 6 Input (Typing) Question Choice PROGRAM 91,2 Input (Typing) Question Choice 3,4 Input (Typing) Question Choice POWER-UP 7 Input (Typing) Question Choice Special Project Input (Typing) Question Choice New School Year and It's been a month since the start of the new school year. Have you gotten used to your new life and new members? Studying will become a little more difficult, but we will get through it together! We will be happy if we can be of any help to you. (^o^) We are planning to add more things in the future. Enjoy!