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About Security

As the number of leaks of personal information increases each year, we are also striving to strengthen our security. We would like to explain what we are currently doing as security measures! Countermeasures against hacking that we are constantly implementing in our system We conduct tests using vulnerability diagnostic software every 4 months before upgrading the system. OWASP Zed Attack Proxy Open source vulnerability assessment software developed by hundreds of security experts. It can detect vulnerabilities in web applications. Since 2013, it has been ranked #1 or #2 in the open source security software rankings. AWS Cloud Security We use AWS servers provided by Amazon, a globally reliable company. ◆About AWS Cloud Security Cloud security is a top priority for AWS, and AWS customers are among the most security-conscious organizations in the world. AWS customers can take advantage of a data center and network architecture built to meet the requirements of organizations where security is paramount. The benefit of the AWS Cloud is that it allows customers to scale and evolve their environments while maintaining a secure environment. Because you only pay for the services you actually use, you can get the security you need without any upfront investment. and at a lower cost than an on-premise environment. Enhanced Security with SSL SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) are both mechanisms (protocols) for sending and receiving encrypted data over the Internet. Important data such as personal information and credit card information can be encrypted and sent over the Internet using SSL. This allows for secure communication between servers and PCs. This protocol is also used in our company's LearningBOX. Enhanced security with the addition of a one-time password function One-time passwords are delivered via email for each login. The system is designed to allow users to use the system only after they have obtained the number from the e-mail and entered it. The system can be introduced. (*This function can be disabled in the settings.) Enhanced Security with Dedicated Server x IP Restrictions As a further security enhancement, we offer a dedicated server plan as an option to our regular plans. In addition, you can add an optional dedicated server plan to your regular plan to enhance security with IP restrictions. If you have a specific scope of use, you can allow only specific IP addresses to access your site. ◆About Dedicated Server Plans (You can provide services without displaying our company name or the service name "learningBOX".) Unique URL (unique domain) Logo installation Logo installation ・Top page and system login linkage, etc. Avoidance of duplicate accounts System customization Customize the system to avoid duplicate accounts, adjust the timing of version upgrades, etc.  

We will exhibit at Education IT Solution EXPO in Tokyo Big Sight! <New function release! >

What is EDIX? EDIX is Japan's largest exhibition in the education field, where business support systems, ICT equipment, digital teaching materials, e-learning, and various services for schools are all exhibited under one roof. Many key personnel with the authority to make implementation decisions from universities, boards of education, elementary, junior high, and high schools, cram schools, prep schools, and vocational schools from all over Japan will be in attendance. New functions to be unveiled! Subdivision of Administrative Authority Function We will unveil the "Subdivision of Administrative Authority" function at our booth, which is fully compatible with large-scale use by more than 10,000 users! About our exhibition We will be exhibiting at the Tokyo exhibition in May and the Osaka exhibition in November as an e-learning booth. Please visit us at booth 12-42 in the e-Learning zone on the 2nd floor of Tokyo Big Sight from May 16 (Wed.) to 18 (Fri.), 2018. How to enter     <Image. An invitation ticket and two business cards are required to enter the exhibition. Invitation tickets can be applied for from the following link. Each invitation ticket is valid for one person only. (Valid for 3 days during the exhibition period.) If you are planning to attend the exhibition with more than one person, please prepare invitation tickets for the number of people. Dates: Wednesday, May 16 - Friday, May 18, 2018
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Apology and countermeasure for the problem of sending e-mail in the learningBOX

Apology and Cause The problem occurred from about 20:00 on 2/27/2018 to 19:00 on 2/28/2018. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to our users. The cause of the problem is that we use the mail server SES provided by AMAZON, and due to a case of violation of the SES usage policy, a temporary suspension measure was taken. The reason for the violation was that a large number of batch registrations of users with nonexistent e-mail addresses occurred, resulting in an extremely high percentage of bounce mails (error mails), and AMAZON received a warning from AMAZON. As a temporary measure, we have notified the affected users not to use the e-mail invitation function. As a countermeasure in the system function, we are planning to change the current requirement of an e-mail address to allow users to register their e-mail address on a voluntary basis. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We hope you will continue to use our system as usual. About the list that could not be sent The list of users to whom emails could not be sent is stored in our database and will be provided as an Excel list for each user. Currently, there are five possible cases where an e-mail could not be sent. If you have already been invited to become a member, but have not yet used the service. Step 1. Delete the member. If the member has not yet used the system, you can delete the member from the environment. If the member has not yet used the system, you can delete the member from the environment. Click on the member's name on the "Add/Edit Member" page, and then delete the member. Step 2 Add the member again After deleting the member, please re-add the deleted member. The invitation e-mail will be sent as usual. If you have already invited a member and the member has already started using the service You can use the same ID/PASS as before. You have been notified of your ID/PASS separately. You can use your ID/PASS as it is. In the case of sending a message Countermeasure Case 1 Send a confirmation request. The message is still in the system, so please send us a message asking us to log in and confirm the message, or send us the same message again. Countermeasure Case 2 Send a separate email requesting confirmation of the message. Please send a confirmation request e-mail "Please confirm your message" by another means (e-mail software), not in the system. In case of password reset If the message is not received, etc., ask the user to perform the password reset operation again. In the case of password reset, if the user is unable to reset the password and In the case of a password reset, the user may not be able to reset his/her password, and we or the administrator may have been contacted in some way. If you receive an inquiry, please let us know that there was a problem with the system on the operator's side and that you are already able to use the system. In case of login authentication Please contact us to let us know that the system has been restored. Please use the message function, etc., to inform all system users that the login function has been restored.