Version 5.7.5


  • When an incorrect answer is given in a quiz that uses images as options for fill-in-the-blank questions, the correct answer and your answer were displayed vertically, so they are now displayed horizontally.
  • Master Mode and Intro Page Skip:On cannot be used together because it is not possible to select which button to start the quiz from.
  • There was a bug that other voices could not be played if you moved the question in the middle of playing voice.
  • The pagination of all questions was displayed even if the number of questions was set, and there was a bug that allowed users to answer questions by clicking on the question number.
  • There was a bug that pagination was not displayed correctly when the Enter key was pressed on the start screen of a quiz with "Move between questions" set to On.
  • Fixed a bug in which the correct answers were not colored when images were set as choices in multiple choice and multiple choice questions.
  • There was a bug that audio could be played back as many times as you want when you move between questions, even if you have specified one-time audio playback.
  • There was a bug that incorrect answers were given when answering written questions containing "'" in English on iOS devices, even if they were entered correctly.