Version 5.7.4


  • An option value has been added to hide the pagination displayed at the top-left corner of the screen in quizzes that use question movement (set to #movable:true). To use this option, please add #hide_pagination:true to the option description.
  • When learning on a touch device, tooltips were not displayed correctly when returning to the question being answered from the question list, so tooltips are now hidden on touch devices. The ? button at the top of the screen shows the explanation of each button, so please use it.
  • There was a bug that when opening a quiz with an image inserted in the message on the start screen, the message "Loading..." would appear and the quiz would not open.
  • When learning quizzes with shuffling the number of questions and moving between questions, there was a bug that the color of the question number in pagination was reversed in the order of question registration.