Version 5.6.19


  • The description of the option value "#master_count" in the quiz and test creation form has been changed from "Can be set only in master mode. to "It is valid only in master mode. to "Valid only in master mode.
  • Changed the wording of "Enable/Disable" to "Enable/Disable" when setting the option value in the quiz/test creation form.
  • You can now insert mp4 files into the question text of the quiz/test creation form. please use learningBOX 2.9.5 or later.
  • There was a bug in quizzes and tests that contained questions with reports or questionnaires that when all the points were set to 1, the score column in the grading screen did not show 1 point, but an evenly divided score out of 100 points. Please use learningBOX 2.8.15 or later.
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