Version 5.6.17


  • The wording of "pass", "-pass-" and "don't know" for option value #pass has been unified to "don't know". The screens that have been changed are the option value description in the quiz/test creation form, the pie chart at the start of the Master mode quiz, and the grade details screen in the learningBOX.
  • When a quiz is closed without answering the question "Give points if there is a description" in the report or questionnaire description, the grade was saved as "Correct Answer", so it is now "Incorrect Answer" if there is no input.
  • There was a bug that the quiz start button could not be clicked after the saved data reached full capacity when the quiz was closed with a method other than "Finish answering all questions" or "Suspend".
  • The "Again" button displayed when clicking the "Stop" button in Internet Explorer was displayed vertically, but has been corrected to be displayed horizontally.
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