[You can learn trivia about Christmas! Christmas around the world quiz🎄

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You can learn trivia about Christmas] World Christmas Quiz

Hello! This is Hirota of the Marketing Section.
It's getting all cold and it'll be Christmas season before you know it⛄
When you think of Christmas in Japan, you probably have a strong image of spending it eating fried chicken and Christmas cake.
Christmas in other countries has its own customs and traditions, and Christmas meals are different in each country, so each country has its own characteristics.
In this post, I've created a trivia quiz about the state of Christmas around the world!
This is a fun game for children and adults alike, so please try playing.


  • 1. How different from overseas! Christmas Culture in Japan
  • 2. How many questions can you answer correctly? Try the World Christmas Quiz!
  • 3.[Difficulty Level Up!] Challenge the World Christmas Sweets Quiz!
  • 4. try to make a quiz using QuizGenerator
  • 5. the appeal of QuizGenerator
  • 6. summary


How different from overseas! Christmas Culture in Japan

Before learning about Christmas around the world, let's take a brief look at Christmas in Japan.

How to spend Christmas


In Japan, there is an image of a day spent with lovers rather than family.
It seems to be unique to Japan that people prioritize their loved ones over their families at Christmas, while in other countries it is more common to spend Christmas with family.
On the contrary, in Japan, there is a custom to spend New Year's with family and relatives, but in other countries, New Year's is often spent with lovers.
Christmas is all about cake! It is said that this is unique to Japan.
Many foreign countries have their own traditions of sweets and food, so the custom of eating cake at Christmas is sometimes considered unusual.

Christmas present


In Japan, many families teach their children that Santa Claus gives out one Christmas present to each person, but in other countries, multiple presents are often prepared.
Also, in Japan, gifts are usually placed under the pillow, but in other countries, gifts are placed under the tree.
Sure, you see a lot of presents under the Christmas tree in foreign movies!
I want to tear the wrapping paper boldly while surrounded by many presents! I'm sure everyone has longed to do that at one time or another🎁.

How many questions can you answer correctly? Try the World Christmas Quiz!

Of the six continents in the world, there is no continent that does not celebrate Christmas.
Here is a quiz on the Christmas situation in the world.

There will be 6 ▼ questions.


[Difficulty Up!] Challenge the World Christmas Sweets Quiz!

In other countries, there are different traditional sweets that are eaten at Christmas.
It seems that there are various customs, from the famous ones in Japan to the ones I've never heard of before! There seem to be various customs from famous ones to the ones that I've never heard of before.

There will be 6 ▼ questions.


Try to make a quiz using QuizGenerator

The quizzes you create with QuizGenerator can also be shared easily.
This time, I created a quiz in the form of a 0× quiz (correct and incorrect questions), but there are also otherMore than 13 typesYou can select a question format from the followingYou can also add images and sounds.So you can create your own original quiz.
(Popular original quiz,)Dinosaur Quiz andSea Creature QuizPlease also refer to☻)


In this article, I would like to show you how to create a quiz from a basic question form.
first of all QuizGeneratorin the top right corner of the page, click "Create a quiz" to open the question creation form.




You can set the title, number of questions, sound effects and other options in detail.




Create a quiz that is main!
Select the quiz format and set the question text and answer.
Commentary can be included if necessary.




You can also add more problems.
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For more information on how to use QuizGeneratorHow to create a quiz


The appeal of QuizGenerator

Quiz Creation Tools
QuizGenerator is a highly flexible quiz creation tool that allows you to create quizzes easily with only minimal option settings, and also allows you to set options in detail.
Anyone can easily create quizzes, even those who are not good with computers, by creating them from the question creation form.
If you want to create a large number of questions, you can use Excel to set them all up at once, and then simply upload the data to complete the quiz.

Appeal points of ▼QuizGenerator

There are more than 13 types of questions!
Options for detailed settings
You can check the preview while creating.
Uploading data such as images and audio is as easy as dragging.
Anyone can make a quiz easily and quickly.

Maybe it's a minor detail, but I think the fact that you can periodically check the preview while you're creating a quiz, and that you can resize uploaded images by enlarging or reducing them in the creation form, makes for a hassle-free, stress-free experience!


How was your Christmas around the world quiz?
I learned something new when I made the quiz, and I enjoyed making it.
Our company has an assignment for new employees to create a quiz on a theme of their choice, but at that time, the quiz was only open to the public within the company, so it's very exciting to think that the quiz I created this time will be open to the public and sent out to the whole world.
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