Quiz Format

You don't need any programming knowledge to create a quiz.

QuizGenerator, an easy quiz creator, supports all quiz formats below.

Selected Question Images

selector button MCQ(radio button)

You can choose one correct answer out of multiple choices.

Images of choice quick

Select button quick MCQ(button)

Choose a correct answer from multiple choices. Movable to the next quiz with a single click.

Images of Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple MCQs Multiple MCQs

Select multiple answers from multiple choices.

Sorting Problem Images

Sequencing Sequencing

Sequence answers in appropriate order.

Errata Images

True/False True/False

Select "True" or "False."

Combination Problem Images

Matching Matching

Match correct answers.

Descriptive Question Images

Short answer Short answer

Type a short answer.
※Available to specify multiple answers.

Multiple Description Question Images

Multiple short answers Multiple short answers

Type multiple answers.
※Available to specify multiple answers.

Descriptive Question + Image

Descriptive question plus Short answer+

Type a combination of multiple answers.


Fill-in-the-blank Fill-in-the-blank

Drag an answer to an appropriate box.


Report/questionnaire Report/questionnaire

Answer in a report format.
Score a report/quiestionnaire inlearningBOX.

Pull-down menu

Pull-down menu Pull-down menu

Select an answer from a pull-down list inserted in a Quiz sentence.

Image questions (selected)

Image problems (optional)

Select an answer from multiple choices with images.

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