List of Question Types

There are 13 different question types.
You don't need to know anything about programming to make a real quiz!

QuizGenerator, the quiz question generator, supports any question format!
You can create quizzes, questions, and tests from a variety of 13 different question formats.

Selected Question Images

selector button Multi-choice question (radio button)(Radio Button)

You can choose one correct answer out of multiple choices, such as 3 or 4 choices.

Images of choice quick

Select button quick Multi-choice question (radio button)(Button type: Quick mode)

Choose one correct answer from multiple choices. The questions can be answered with a single click, allowing you to study more efficiently.

Images of Multiple Choice Questions

Multi-MCQs question Multi-MCQs question

This question is in the form of selecting multiple correct answers from multiple choices.

Sorting Problem Images

Sequencing Sequencing

This question is to be answered by sorting the answer groups appropriately.

Errata Images

True/False True/False(0× problem)

In this question, you have to answer the question with "0" or "X".

Combination Problem Images

Matching Matching

This question is to be answered by appropriately combining the words (sentences) before and after the question.

Descriptive Question Images

Short answer Short answer

Learner-entered questions, where learners can specify more than one correct answer for a question.

Multiple Description Question Images

Multi short answers Multi short answers

Learner-entered questions with multiple answer boxes per question.

Descriptive Question + Image

Descriptive question plus Descriptive question +

You will be asked to answer a combination of multiple correct answers to a single question.


Fill-in-the-blank Fill-in-the-blank

Select an answer from the group of answers below and drag it to the answer column.


Report/questionnaire Report/questionnaire

These are questions that learners can answer in a report format.
The responses submitted wereScoring in the learningBOXYou can.

Pull-down menu

Pull-down menu Pull-down menu

This is a question in which the answer is selected from a pull-down list inserted in the question text.

Image questions (selected)

Image problems (optional) image selection problem(Optional)

This is a question where you have to choose one correct answer from multiple choices. Click on the image to choose the answer.

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