release notes


  • An option value has been added to hide the pagination displayed at the top-left corner of the screen in quizzes that use question movement (set to #movable:true). To use this option, please add #hide_pagination:true to the option description.
  • When learning on a touch device, tooltips were not displayed correctly when returning to the question being answered from the question list, so tooltips are now hidden on touch devices. The ? button at the top of the screen shows the explanation of each button, so please use it.
  • There was a bug that when opening a quiz with an image inserted in the message on the start screen, the message "Loading..." would appear and the quiz would not open.
  • When learning quizzes with shuffling the number of questions and moving between questions, there was a bug that the color of the question number in pagination was reversed in the order of question registration.


  • The browser's predictive conversions that used to be displayed when you hovered over the cursor in a written response have been modified so that they are not displayed.
  • Tooltips are no longer displayed on the question navigation buttons when learning with a touch device.
  • When closing the quiz before reaching the result screen and moving to the study screen, there was a bug that the status would not change until reloading.


  • When interrupting a quiz with the interruption resume function set to ON, a confirmation alert stating "Are you sure you want to interrupt?" will now be displayed to confirm or cancel the interruption.


  • It is now possible to specify the height of the movie displayed on the learning screen. You can set the height by writing [[sample.mp4 height=400]] in the question file.
  • The option values and their descriptions displayed in the quiz/test creation form in the learningBOX have been redesigned. Mainly, we unified Enable/Disable to On/Off, and changed the explanation text to be more straightforward and easy to understand.
  • When a quiz is solved to the halfway point and suspended and resumed, the solved question numbers in the pagination were displayed in white to indicate unanswered questions.
  • Fixed a bug that the tooltips of the help function were displayed overlapping each other.


  • The help function has been added. A "? mark is displayed on the upper right corner of the screen, and the explanation of each button can be displayed/hidden by the balloon when clicking.
  • When the option value "#movable" is enabled, the pagination is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. When the option value "#movable" is enabled, the pagination is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. You can directly move to the question by clicking the question number.
  • You can choose the answer by clicking on the image. You can choose the answer by clicking on the image.
  • You can now download "Operation Log CSV" from learningBOX > View Results > By Question. learningBOX 2.10.0 or later is required.
  • When using Internet Explorer to study questions with wide images as options, the images were displayed out of the screen width, so they have been modified to fit within the screen.


  • The bug that prevented the submission of multiple choice and multiple choice questions has been fixed.


  • When a question was redisplayed from the result screen, a non-functional submit/grading button was displayed, and when the button was clicked on an unanswered question, a message such as "Please answer" was displayed.
  • Because there was a bug that "Enable" and "Disable" of option value "#hide_list_summary" and "#hide_result_dtail" were set reversely, it was corrected to be hidden when "Enable" was specified.
  • There was a bug that the correct answer was displayed even if the option value "#show_correct_answer" was set to "Disable", so it has been fixed so that the correct answer will be hidden if it is set to "Disable".
  • 5.6.19

  • The description of the option value "#master_count" in the quiz and test creation form has been changed from "Can be set only in master mode. to "It is valid only in master mode. to "Valid only in master mode.
  • Changed the wording of "Enable/Disable" to "Enable/Disable" when setting the option value in the quiz/test creation form.
  • You can now insert mp4 files into the question text of the quiz/test creation form. please use learningBOX 2.9.5 or later.
  • There was a bug in quizzes and tests that contained questions with reports or questionnaires that when all the points were set to 1, the score column in the grading screen did not show 1 point, but an evenly divided score out of 100 points. Please use learningBOX 2.8.15 or later.
  • 5.6.17

  • The wording of "pass", "-pass-" and "don't know" for option value #pass has been unified to "don't know". The screens that have been changed are the option value description in the quiz/test creation form, the pie chart at the start of the Master mode quiz, and the grade details screen in the learningBOX.
  • When a quiz is closed without answering the question "Give points if there is a description" in the report or questionnaire description, the grade was saved as "Correct Answer", so it is now "Incorrect Answer" if there is no input.
  • There was a bug that the quiz start button could not be clicked after the saved data reached full capacity when the quiz was closed with a method other than "Finish answering all questions" or "Suspend".
  • The "Again" button displayed when clicking the "Stop" button in Internet Explorer was displayed vertically, but has been corrected to be displayed horizontally.
  • 5.6.16

  • In the interruption resume function, the "Again" button was added to the screen after interruption.
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