release notes


  • The description of the option value "#master_count" in the quiz and test creation form has been changed from "Can be set only in master mode. to "It is valid only in master mode. to "Valid only in master mode.
  • Changed the wording of "Enable/Disable" to "Enable/Disable" when setting the option value in the quiz/test creation form.
  • You can now insert mp4 files into the question text of the quiz/test creation form. please use learningBOX 2.9.5 or later.
  • There was a bug in quizzes and tests that contained questions with reports or questionnaires that when all the points were set to 1, the score column in the grading screen did not show 1 point, but an evenly divided score out of 100 points. Please use learningBOX 2.8.15 or later.
  • 5.6.17

  • The wording of "pass", "-pass-" and "don't know" for option value #pass has been unified to "don't know". The screens that have been changed are the option value description in the quiz/test creation form, the pie chart at the start of the Master mode quiz, and the grade details screen in the learningBOX.
  • When a quiz is closed without answering the question "Give points if there is a description" in the report or questionnaire description, the grade was saved as "Correct Answer", so it is now "Incorrect Answer" if there is no input.
  • There was a bug that the quiz start button could not be clicked after the saved data reached full capacity when the quiz was closed with a method other than "Finish answering all questions" or "Suspend".
  • The "Again" button displayed when clicking the "Stop" button in Internet Explorer was displayed vertically, but has been corrected to be displayed horizontally.
  • 5.6.16

  • In the interruption resume function, the "Again" button was added to the screen after interruption.
  • 5.6.15

  • In the "Resume from Interruption" function, the wording of the "Resume from Interruption" button at the start of learning has been changed to "Resume from Continuation".
  • There was a bug that the result button could not be pressed when using the Android app, so it has been fixed to work.
  • 5.6.14

        1. In the "Resume from Interruption" function, only the "Resume from Interruption" button can now be displayed. You can use it in normal mode as before. It can be set by #suspendable:true_resume.
        2. The "Suspend" button when using the "Suspend and Resume" function has been moved to the left side of the list display button at the top of the screen, as it is located alongside the "Submit" and "Grade" buttons at the bottom of the screen and is easily misused.
        3. There was a bug that when answering a quiz with HTML or other tags as options in a question in a report or questionnaire description, if the list view button was clicked, it was recognized as HTML and processing was executed, and the original quiz screen was not displayed.
        4. There was a difference in the upper limit of the number of questions between sections with section names and sections without section names, so the number of questions can be set up to 3 digits for both. (In the previous version, with section name: 2 digits, without section name: no limit)
        5. There was a bug that when the number of questions was set higher than the number of questions in a section, the questions were not asked correctly and the result screen could not be reached.
        6. In the results screen after answering a quiz that contains questions that are written in a report or questionnaire (graded by the administrator), there was a bug where "Pass" or "Fail" was determined by the total score at the time of submission.


        1. When answering quizzes with a decimal point in the score calculation, such as partial_score:true (partial score function: ON), there was a bug that caused inconsistency between the score display on the result screen and the pass/fail display. The problem has been resolved.
        2. There was a bug that when answering quizzes with HTML or other tags in the choices in the pull-down format, the results screen would recognize them as HTML and execute the processing.


        1. When answering and grading quizzes with HTML or other tags in the question text, there was a bug where the results screen would recognize the quiz as HTML and execute the processing, so the quiz would not be processed and would be displayed as text.


        1. When answering on an iOS device, there was a problem where the "Next" and "Result" buttons would not scroll to the position where they were displayed, so it has been fixed to scroll automatically.
        2. In the case of fill-in-the-blank quizzes with partial points and multiple holes in one question, there was a problem that partial points were not scored even if the scoring button was pressed when some holes were filled with correct answers and others were left unanswered.


        1. There was a problem that when a tag of "class=input" was written in the body of a question, it was treated as unentered and the question did not work correctly.
        2. When answering multiple-choice or multiple-choice questions, the correct answer in the question text is now colored, and the display at the bottom of the screen has been changed from "Correct Answer and Explanation" to "Explanation" only. This change eliminates the difficulty in seeing the answer when the answer choice is long.
        3. When the interruption function is turned on and a time limit is set, there was an issue where the remaining time was not taken over when the quiz was restarted after an interruption.


        1. Special symbols such as "&" could not be set in question titles.
        2. o" and "x" (lower case o and x) could not be set in the left side of combination questions.