release notes


  • Adjusted the position of radio buttons and checkboxes in quizzes with test layout (horizontal writing) set.
  • If you click "OK" on the alert after clicking the "Stop" button with the audio playing, the audio playback will be stopped on the "Interrupted" screen.
  • Since quizgen 5.9.4, even if autoplay is set to on, there was a bug that the audio did not play automatically.


  • Since quizgen 5.9.2, there was a bug that the results were not recorded, so it has been fixed so that the results are recorded correctly.


  • Changed the background color of "Supplementary Explanation before Choices" so that the background color is white when the test layout (horizontal or vertical) is used.
  • There was a bug that when a correct/incorrect question was displayed while moving between questions, it would be colored even though the question had not been answered (indicating that the question had already been answered).
  • Since quizgen 5.9.2, when clicking the ? button in quizzes without the suspend button displayed, the suspend button description would be displayed as a tooltip.
  • Since quizgen 5.9.2, there was a bug that the sound effect did not sound even if it was set to On.


  • There was a bug that when viewing test layout materials on a mobile device, tapping the "X" mark for "Smartphones are recommended to study in landscape mode" did not hide the mark, so it has been fixed to hide the mark.


  • A new feature has been added to prevent more than the correct number of answers from being selected in a multiple choice question. To do this, put ma:(((limit:true))) in the question type field.
  • In multiple-choice questions, it has been modified so that you can select and deselect each choice by clicking on it.
  • While playing an audio or video, the sound will not overlap with other audio or videos.
  • When using the Text-To-Speech function, it has been modified so that parentheses can be converted even if they are written in HTML special characters.
  • There was a bug that the quiz was not displayed in Internet Explorer 11, so it has been corrected to display correctly.
  • There was a bug in the Quick and Correct questions that the grade was recorded as false if you closed without answering.


  • A new feature has been added that allows you to set a supplementary explanation just before a choice. It works by inserting it between the question text and the question type.
  • The layout option has been added: #layout:exam for horizontal test layout and #layout:exam-vertical for vertical test layout.
  • The function to specify the number of interruptions has been added. #suspendable_count:1 means that only one interruption is allowed.
  • The function to hide the suspend button has been added. #show_suspendable_button:false is specified to hide the suspend button. This function can be used together with the suspend/resume function (#suspendable:true or #suspendable:true_resume).
  • Added the explanation of "Show Tags" in the quiz/test creation form.
  • When the final problem was redisplayed from the result screen, the pagination was displayed in white (indicating that the problem had not been solved), so it is now displayed in color (indicating that the problem has been solved).
  • There was a bug in quizzes with intro skips where clicking the "Suspend" button did not save the interrupted content and the "Resume" button did not appear.


  • When creating a quiz written in LaTex format, it has been modified so that the formulas can be displayed in the on-premises environment (CDN:false).


  • The section shuffle (#shuffle_sections:true) function has been added.
  • Correct" and "Wrong" displayed after answering a correct/incorrect question have been changed to "0" and "X".
  • Unnecessary tooltips that were displayed when answering quizzes with a time limit set for each question have been hidden.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from uploading 450MB quiz/test even if they subscribed to learningBOX Standard plan.
  • When you click the Review button after answering a quiz with audio in the questions and set #autoplay:true, there was a bug that the same audio was played in all questions.
  • While answering a quiz with #movable:true and #show_instant_result:false and points assigned, the scores were displayed on the question list page.


  • The design of the pagination when moving between questions has been changed.
  • When studying quizzes where images are used for the correct answers in multiple choice questions, the design has been changed so that the green color displayed for the correct answer is surrounded by the outer frame of the image.
  • When studying quizzes created by uploading compressed data of a folder containing question files and images, there was a bug that images were not enlarged even if they were tapped.
  • Fixed a bug in which an "X" mark would appear to indicate an incorrect answer when the correct choice was selected and the application was closed without clicking Submit.
  • There was a bug that correct/incorrect answers were not displayed on the result screen when using both "Move between questions On" and "Show correct/incorrect answers for each question Off".
  • When studying quizzes with div tags used in the correct answers of multiple choice questions, the green color was not shown in the correct answers after clicking submit.
  • When studying quizzes with both auto-playback On and question-by-question limits, clicking the Next button would cause the previous question's audio to be played back.
  • There was a bug that correct/incorrect answers were not displayed on the results screen in the learningBOX when using both "Move between questions On" and "Show correct/incorrect answers for each question Off".


  • When an incorrect answer is given in a quiz that uses images as options for fill-in-the-blank questions, the correct answer and your answer were displayed vertically, so they are now displayed horizontally.
  • Master Mode and Intro Page Skip:On cannot be used together because it is not possible to select which button to start the quiz from.
  • There was a bug that other voices could not be played if you moved the question in the middle of playing voice.
  • The pagination of all questions was displayed even if the number of questions was set, and there was a bug that allowed users to answer questions by clicking on the question number.
  • There was a bug that pagination was not displayed correctly when the Enter key was pressed on the start screen of a quiz with "Move between questions" set to On.
  • Fixed a bug in which the correct answers were not colored when images were set as choices in multiple choice and multiple choice questions.
  • There was a bug that audio could be played back as many times as you want when you move between questions, even if you have specified one-time audio playback.
  • There was a bug that incorrect answers were given when answering written questions containing "'" in English on iOS devices, even if they were entered correctly.