Version 5.9.1


  • A new feature has been added that allows you to set a supplementary explanation just before a choice. It works by inserting it between the question text and the question type.
  • The layout option has been added: #layout:exam for horizontal test layout and #layout:exam-vertical for vertical test layout.
  • The function to specify the number of interruptions has been added. #suspendable_count:1 means that only one interruption is allowed.
  • The function to hide the suspend button has been added. #show_suspendable_button:false is specified to hide the suspend button. This function can be used together with the suspend/resume function (#suspendable:true or #suspendable:true_resume).
  • Added the explanation of "Show Tags" in the quiz/test creation form.
  • When the final problem was redisplayed from the result screen, the pagination was displayed in white (indicating that the problem had not been solved), so it is now displayed in color (indicating that the problem has been solved).
  • There was a bug in quizzes with intro skips where clicking the "Suspend" button did not save the interrupted content and the "Resume" button did not appear.