Version 5.6.3


    1. The same error message was being displayed multiple times, so it has been fixed to be displayed only once.
    2. The use of sections from questions in the middle of the puzzle is now prohibited. If you want to use a section, please set the section from the first question.
    3. Because there was a problem that it did not work correctly when using $$$$ in section name, the use of "$$$$" in section name was prohibited.
    4. A bug that prevented the creation of normal mode questions has been fixed so that questions can be created correctly.
    5. There was a problem in which the percentage of correct answers did not reach 100% when using the Complete Strategy mode together with "Questions set to be graded by the administrator in the report".
    6. There was a problem where the "Display" on the result screen did not match the content of a question when the "Display correct/false for each question" was set to "No".