Version 5.6.14


      1. In the "Resume from Interruption" function, only the "Resume from Interruption" button can now be displayed. You can use it in normal mode as before. It can be set by #suspendable:true_resume.
      2. The "Suspend" button when using the "Suspend and Resume" function has been moved to the left side of the list display button at the top of the screen, as it is located alongside the "Submit" and "Grade" buttons at the bottom of the screen and is easily misused.
      3. There was a bug that when answering a quiz with HTML or other tags as options in a question in a report or questionnaire description, if the list view button was clicked, it was recognized as HTML and processing was executed, and the original quiz screen was not displayed.
      4. There was a difference in the upper limit of the number of questions between sections with section names and sections without section names, so the number of questions can be set up to 3 digits for both. (In the previous version, with section name: 2 digits, without section name: no limit)
      5. There was a bug that when the number of questions was set higher than the number of questions in a section, the questions were not asked correctly and the result screen could not be reached.
      6. In the results screen after answering a quiz that contains questions that are written in a report or questionnaire (graded by the administrator), there was a bug where "Pass" or "Fail" was determined by the total score at the time of submission.
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