Version 5.5.0


    • The correct/incorrect count displayed in the upper right corner of the question screen has been changed from "0" to "1".
    • The option "Hide list button" can now be set. If the option value is set to "#hide_list_button", you can choose to show or hide the question list page while answering the quiz.
    • The upper limit of the capture rate has been changed from 100% to "no upper limit".
    • Overcoming Weakness Mode has been changed to a function that can be used when the strategy rate reaches 100%.
    • When you answer a question in the Overcome Weakness mode, you will see a(Number of correct answers - Number of incorrect answers) = Weakness value" is calculated, and the questions are now given to the students with the lowest percentage of correct answers. This means that you can study the questions with the lowest percentage of correct answers first.
    • The number of questions in Overcoming Weaknesses mode is now limited to the number set in "#weak_count". The initial value is 5.
    • HTML can now be used for the items displayed on the left side of a Matching question.
    • Images can now be displayed in combination questions by using HTML tags in the choices.
    • The "|" used to describe a mathematical expression was not working properly.
    • A medal stamp is now displayed when you reach 100 percent capture rate.
    • Fixed a problem in which selecting the correct answer did not result in a correct answer when an external link was used in the pull-down format.
    • In multiple-choice questions, when the number of partial points is not divisible by the automatic calculation, the second decimal place is truncated.
    • The "Randomize" button on the quiz start screen has been replaced with a "Review" button. You will be able to click the "Review" button when your rate reaches 100%.
    • Fixed a problem in which the correct answer was not given when the correct answer was a chemical structural formula in a multiple choice question.