Version 5.4.3


  • Fixed a bug in which double screen transitions occurred when the enter key was pressed while the focus was on the next button.
  • If you are using sections, shuffle_questions:false is not allowed, mode:master is required, question_count is not allowed
  • Implemented the process when the license key is sent from learningBOX.
  • Prevent double screen transitions with the enter key by removing focus from the next button when moving to the next question.
  • Fixed a bug that extra tags are displayed on user's answers in case of button format in the result screen.
  • If there is more than one same hole in one question in the pull-down, it is an error.
  • Fixed a bug that the grabbing part on the right side of the sort question moves while dragging.
  • Suppressed the phenomenon that the width becomes too wide while moving in the reordering problem
  • Fixed a problem that the height of the right side option is unnecessarily high in combination questions.
  • Fixed a bug that a JavaScript error occurs in the result display screen when using a timer.
  • Remove code containing invalid pseudo-class:valid in mdb
  • In a combinatorial problem, an error occurred when trying to get the height of an element that no longer exists, so the process was removed.
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