Version 5.4.2


  • fixed a bug that the table on the result screen was out of place on iOS when solving a problem through lms
  • Limit the width of images in fill-in-the-blank questions to 160
  • Fixed a bug that caused the score calculation to break when giving partial points if there were questions that had not been submitted.
  • Added an example of quiz.xlsx to the message "The problem file does not exist in the ZIP archive.
  • When an image is inserted in the choice of the choice quick, the answer is not submitted when you tap the image to enlarge it.
  • Fixed a bug that choosing the correct option in Quick Choice did not result in a correct answer when the correct answer contained an enmark.
  • Removed processing that considers // and after to be comments
  • Changed so that multiple descriptions can only be submitted if all fields are filled in.
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