Version 5.13.5


  • Added Section ID settings and option number settings. Available in learningBOX-2.16.7 or higher.
  • For quizzes set to English in the options, 〇/✖ buttons on True/false quizzes have been changed to "True/False," and the 〇/✖ notation for correct/incorrect answers and the ✓/✖ notation for count display has been changed to Correct/Incorrect.
  • Reconfigured the tables so that it can scroll to left and right to display the whole table when the width of the table inserted in the quiz is wider than the one of the screen on which you are learning.
  • Reconfigured to enable to learn contents even if the pull-down numbers are not set in numerical order.
  • Reconfigured to display a new line as a half-width space in the middle of table tags if Excel data contained the tags, etc..
  • Reconfigured a bug that the answer did not transfer properly when a quiz was resumed.
  • Reconfigured a bug that the radio buttons were not colored when you clicked them in the learning situation with the form of MCQ(select images).
  • Reconfigured a bug that quizzes could not be created when Excel data contained multiple rows of tabs.
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