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USD200/Annual contract

Enjoy customizing the screen!
Take advantage of visual effect.

Purchasing a license of QuizGenerator enables you to customize the design on quiz player and the text in the system. Furthermore, the volume of speech synthesizer is unlimited.

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Take advantage of visual effect
Design Customization

With CSS and JavaScript, you can cutomize the design of the player screen.

The design of QuizGenerator consists of HTML (index.html) and style sheets (css/style.css), which can be freely changed to suit your preferences.
The copyright symbol is also hidden.
※You may or may not remove the copyright depending on usage.

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Comparison of licensed and unlicensed displays


Choose the best words!
Text customization

You can change the text on buttons and Result screen displayed on the player screen.

Choose the best words that match your needs.


For listening comprehension

Text-to-speech functions are available without limitations and can be used for language education.
You don't need to record anything.
Just type text. That's all you need.

*You can use the text-to-speech function without a license, but there is a limit to the number of text-to-speech functions you can use.

Supported languages

English, Portugees, French, Duch, German and more

Operating a PC Screen image of learningBOX

You can purchase a QuizGenerator license
in learningBOX as well.

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For commercial use, purchasing a license is preferable.


Select a license

Select a license from the purchase page.



Paypal is available.


Receive an email

Receive the license sent to your email address.


Start using a license

You can make use of the license on receiving it. To check how to use it, list of options.

If you have a subscription to learningBOX, you can purchase a license from learningBOX. If you wish to do so, please contactThis page for more information.


Monthly contract
Annual contract



Do I need multiple licenses if it is used with more than one person?


No. One license key is available per organization. It does not matter how many people/users are in your party.


When the contract is out of date, does the player screen change to the default?

No. You can use the customized screen forever.

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How to usesquare bracket 02

Design can be changed

Adaptat original CSS and JS

You can change the color and design of the quiz player by adapting the original CSS and JS.

You can change the text

Change the text in the system

You can change the text on buttons and Result screen displayed on the player screen.

Voice can be synthesized


The text you set will read out with speech synthesizer.

I can set up a license.


Check how to set a license key in learningBOX.