Version 5.16.6


  • Faster time to complete display of mathematical/chemical structure formulas.
  • When studying a quiz with three options: "suspendable," "time_limit," and "show_suspendable_button," the quiz would move to the results screen when the time limit expired even if the suspend button was pressed. This problem has been corrected so that the quiz will be suspended correctly.
  • When a quiz was suspended with Option: "suspendable" and then resumed with Option: "time_limit", unanswered questions would be resumed incorrectly.
  • When studying quizzes with the exam layout (vertical writing) on the iPadOS, there was a problem with the screen not displaying correctly when moving between questions.
  • When downloading the operation log CSV, a bug that caused unanswered questions to be output as blanks has been corrected so that they are now output as "unanswered.