Version 5.14.7


  • When a time limit is set for each question, the "correct/incorrect" indicator can now be set to "no".
  • Report submission format questions can now be submitted with the file extension capitalized.
  • A problem with questions displaying the overall time limit that did not count down when suspended and resumed after submission has been made has been corrected to count down.
  • On iOS13/14 devices, when creating a quiz, if you entered text in the commentary and set an image after a line break, a cross would appear behind the image when displaying the commentary on the study screen.
  • The callouts on the submit button displayed after learning were corrupted depending on the English notation and the number of characters.
  • While studying a question that displays previous answers in the question text, there was a problem in which the audio would continue to play if the answer was closed while the audio was playing.
  • When the "correct/incorrect" display for each question was set to "not" and "move between questions" was set to "yes," there was a problem in which pressing the Enter button would not advance to the next question.