QuizGenerator5.0.9 released

Tatsuno Information Systems, Inc. released QuizGenerator 5.0.9 on October 30, 2016. The changes in this version are as follows.


The size of the player now changes according to the size of the window.

Therefore.List of optionscan only be used in versions 4.1.3 and earlier.

(How to specify the size of the window when embedding)

uploaderand then click on the "View Upload Results" button.
Please change the "width" and "height" values in the IFrame embedding tag.


For the past year or so.learning boxThe update of QuizGenerator has been stopped superficially because we have been working on the implementation to link QuizGenerator with

What is QuizGenerator (beta)?

LMS developed for QuizGenerator, which can assign questions to students and aggregate their grades. It also supports smartphones and offers iPhone and Android apps. Probably the lowest price in the industry. There is a case study of its introduction in a university.

Yoichiro Nishimura, Tatsuno Information Systems Corporation, Daitori