QuizGenerator5.0.14 released

Tatsuno Information Systems, Inc. released QuizGenerator 5.0.14 on December 13, 2016. The changes in this version are as follows.
(1)Changed so that #shuffle_choices:false and #shuffle_questions:false can be set in master mode.

(2) Fixed the problem that the last question is hidden in the result display screen.

(3)Change of the starting point of the measurement of the time required

(1) ... In Master mode, #shuffle_choices:false and #shuffle_questions:false were ignored after the second time because of the conflict with the function "give priority to wrong questions" which is specific to Master mode. The setting is ignored after the second time.

(2) - On the result display screen, the last question was hidden under the "Try again" button, so it has been fixed to display all questions neatly.

(3)--The starting point for measuring the time required has been changed from the point when the quiz start screen is displayed to the point when the first question of the quiz is displayed.