How to restore QuizGenerator's strategy rate to 0%.

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How to restore QuizGenerator's strategy rate to 0%.

E-learning has been gathering significant attention as one of the great learning methods in recent years. In addition, e-learning has come to be recognized as an effective tip for self study especially during the pandemic caused by COVID-19.
In this article, we'll show you how to get the Master Mode capture rate back to 0%.
If you use QuizGenerator only, your score data will be saved in the cookie of your PC or smartphone (browser).
Restarting your browser or restarting your phone will not reset the capture rate.
If you're looking to reset your Master Mode capture rate to 0%, here's your chance to take the challenge!


  • 1. What is a browser anyway?
  • 2.About the specification of Master Mode of QuizGenerator
  • 3. How to reset the strategy rate to 0%.
  • 4. Summary


What is a browser anyway?

Browser Type

Browsers are software used to connect to the Internet using a "computer or smartphone" and to view and operate web pages and Internet systems published on the Internet.
To explain it simply, imagine a software to search various sites on the Internet.
This word is derived from the English word "browse".

Browser Type

If you are using a Windows PC, you may have downloaded and used browsers such as "Chrome" and "Firefox" in addition to the familiar browsers such as Microsoft's "Internet Explorer (IE)" and "Microsoft Edge" that come as standard. You may have downloaded and used browsers such as "Chrome" and "Firefox".

For smartphones, you can also download and use another browser from the store in addition to the standard browsers such as "Safari" for iPhone and "Google Chrome" for Android.

Google Chrome (No.1 in web browser share ranking)

This is Google's genuine web browser. Many Android devices in recent years have Chrome as their standard browser instead of the manufacturer's original web browser, so there may be many Android users who use it.
Google Chrome is a very user-friendly browser with numerous extensions that can be customized to suit your needs and can be shared across multiple devices, not to mention the smooth integration with Google's other services.

Specifications of Master Mode of QuizGenerator

Create a free quiz

When you create a quiz in Master mode, three buttons will appear on the quiz start screen for you to select: "Start strategy button", "Overcome weak points button" and "Review button".

Master mode is meant for repetition and review, not exams and tests!
You can use the review button only when your rate reaches 100%. Also, all questions are randomly selected and there is no upper limit to the percentage.

Learning Progress in Master Mode

QuizGenerator Master Mode

The standard setting for Master mode is that you are considered to have memorized a question if you answer it correctly twice.
If you answer all questions correctly twice, your score will be 100%.
QuizGenerator's Master mode uses cookies to save the strategy rate, so if you want to start learning again from 0%, please delete the cookie to reset it.

What is a Cookie?

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a file that is sent from a web server to a user's web browser to store the user's data.
Cookies allow us to keep you logged in and to remember and provide information about your site usage preferences.

When we access a web site, the server recognizes the number of times the user has accessed the site and the user's activity on the site and issues a cookie; the cookie is stored in the user's browser for a certain period of time and the cookie data is used for the next access.

Cookies in a nutshell

It is a mechanism for temporarily recording data of users who visit a site, or their data.
QuizGenerator's Master mode uses this kind of cookie mechanism to save your score data.

How to reset the strategy rate to 0%.

How to restore QuizGenerator's strategy rate to 0%.

Because it is practice this time, I perform deletion of Cookie using 【Google Chrome】 that has the highest share rate in Japan as an example.

For Google Chrome

Open Chrome and click the More icon in the top right corner.
Next, click "More Tools" -> "Clear Browsing History" from within the item.

How to get your strategy rate back to 0%.


Check "Cookies, other site data, cached images and files" and click "Clear data" on the bottom right corner to complete the setting, after deleting cookies, the quiz rate will be reset to 0% when you open the quiz generator screen.

How to restore QuizGenerator's strategy rate to 0%.

For more information on how to delete cookies, please visit this page.



In this article, we have shown you how to restore QuizGenerator's strategy rate to 0%.
QuizGenerator's Master mode is highly recommended for repeated study and review!
If you want to relearn the master mode strategy rate from 0%, you can reset it by deleting the cookie, so we hope you will continue to use it according to your usage scene.
We are happy to help you learn more with our service!