Learn how to catch up on your schoolwork for "free"!


Learn how to catch up on your schoolwork for "free"!

My name is Kidaoka and I am in charge of marketing. In the wake of the new coronavirus, many educators across Japan are struggling with the issue of how to make up for delays in learning and extended school closures.

In this article, we'd like to introduce QuizGenerator's quiz feature, which can be used as a learning aid in school classes. Using this quiz function, you can learn a lot of things that you usually do in school.Students can take quizzes and mock tests on their smartphones without having to go to school, and exams that used to be held at test centers can now be made available and administered on the Internet.In addition, we also provide other services to children who are preparing for entrance exams.You can use the quiz function to help you prepare for exams.

QuizGenerator requires only two things: a PC and an internet connection.It's a free quiz that anyone can create.Please refer to this article to try out the features of QuizGenerator.


  • 1. learning delay and examination anxiety due to new coronavirus
  • 2. the possibility of e-learning with a view to Corona and after Corona
  • 3. introduce the quiz function of QuizGenerator
  • 4. learningBOX allows you to manage learners and grades using the quizzes you have created!
  • 5. summary


Learning delay and examination anxiety due to new coronavirus

The spread of the new coronavirus infection has hit the educational field, particularly in elementary, junior high, and high schools. The closure of schools as a measure to prevent the spread of infection had a profound impact on many children. The impact was not only on their learning, but also on their mental health.

Many children may have had a difficult time studying at home because of the unfamiliarity of studying on their own, or because it has become difficult to continue their club activities that they have worked so hard for. Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, many school staff, children, and parents are worried about the future of classes and learning.

▼ New Coronavirus Causes Concern ・・・・・

80% are worried about the learning gap after school closures... Expectations for online
References:From the survey questionnaire on learning countermeasures by E-learning Institute|2020 Novel Coronavirus

-What's Happening to Schools and Teachers Today: Tracking Workplace Reform in Education
References:BEST TiMES|[Corona Disasters in Education] From Don't Leave Children and Teachers Out of Mental Health Care

University Entrance Exam: More than 90% "anxious about the exam" due to the influence of Corona
References:From ODK Solutions|Survey on the effects of the new coronavirus on students taking entrance exams

Survey questionnaire on learning countermeasures due to the 2020 H1N1 coronavirus" asked to the generation of parents with children

The E-Learning Institute conducted a survey of parents with children in their 20s to 50s on measures to prevent learning from the 2020 H1N1 coronavirus.

Anxiety about the new coronavirus

Parents' desired response to the school site

▼ Survey results

As a result of this survey, we were able to see the actual situation, such as what students are looking for in studying With Corona and After Corona. Against the backdrop of the new coronavirus, the results of the survey show that students are concerned about the future class system and studying for exams.

Educational Challenges in the New Corona Era

Educational institutions, including elementary, junior high, and high schools, have been forced to take measures to prevent infection by the new coronavirus, such as closing schools and dividing the school day. With the second and third waves of the new coronavirus expected, the need to implement online classes in earnest has become widely recognized.

In addition, by providing remote learning guidance using an online learning system, we are gradually seeing positive effects that were not expected in conventional school education, such as the fact that children who normally have difficulty entering classrooms are able to participate in their own way, even if they do not go to school.
➡ (Reference data:)Asahi Digital|Online classes, truant students also participate, unexpected benefits)

Possibilities of e-learning with a view to "with Corona" and "after Corona

E-learning is a method of learning and training via the Internet using computers and other digital devices, and is an educational method that utilizes information and communication technologies such as computers, tablet terminals, and the Internet.

In conventional education, emphasis was placed on how to memorize a large amount of knowledge. However, now that we can obtain knowledge and information as much as we want through the Internet, it is important to develop the ability to utilize information and creativity, which enables us to independently select and utilize what we need from the vast amount of knowledge and information.

With the demand for interactive classes and active learning, rather than one-way classes from teacher to student, e-learning is attracting attention as a learning tool that can help with this. In this way, e-learning is expected to be effective in improving the quality of education and realizing the new learning that the times demand.

Advantages of e-Learning
Students and teachers can learn efficiently while having fun.
Students are more likely to participate actively in class.
Teachers will be able to teach more efficiently.
Long working hours can be expected to be improved by making school work online.
Information can be easily shared among teachers.


Introducing QuizGenerator's quiz function

QuizGenerator is a web service that allows you to create quizzes easily, even if you don't know how to program. You can create quizzes with various question formats. You can publish your questions on the web or embed them in your website. Customers with a license agreement can customize the design.

Quiz - Free


Let's use it for preparation and review before tests and exams.

Quiz - Easy to createQuizGenerator allows you to do crisp preparation and review from any device such as PC, smartphone and tablet. You can use the quiz function for free without any time limit, and please use it as a learning aid for children according to the scene of use, such as learning in the gap time such as commuting time!

Challenge the quiz you created with QuizGenerator!

Here is a question that was actually created with QuizGenerator. You can solve the questions by clicking "Challenge Quiz". Please try the quiz function!

English for high school entrance examination level
Questions at the level of Level 4 to Level 2 of the English Language Proficiency Test are randomly assigned.
Take the quiz

Mathematics at university entrance examination level
You will be asked questions at the university entrance examination level.
Take the quiz

compound problem
Questions will be asked from three subjects: English, mathematics, and history.
Take the quiz

You can choose from over 12 different question types.
There are many features to help you understand and remember what you have learned, such as setting images, videos and links, and displaying explanations.
It is also possible to randomly set quiz questions and choices, and display them in a fixed position.
You can easily set the passing score and the distribution of scores.

You can read more about how to make the quiz in this article.
 How to make a quick quiz in 5 minutes

With learningBOX, you can use the quizzes you create to manage learners and grades!


learningBOX is a learning management system that allows you to easily create and manage teaching materials, manage groups of members, and view and save grades. It is a learning management system that has all the functions necessary for e-learning and "anyone can easily build a web-based learning environment".

How to learn using the learningBOX

eLearning - Learning to Learn

From the "Study" screen, learners can study educational materials and browse materials. Only the materials assigned by the administrator are listed on the screen, so learners can work on their studies smoothly. In addition, the list of materials displayed is marked with the status of learning, making it easy to see the progress of learning. For more details, please see this article.
 About the learning function of learningBOX

A performance management function that allows you to monitor the learning status and understanding of each learner individually

eLearning - Grade Management

Learners' grades can be checked from "Grade Management" and "Chart Function". Grade Management" can be used for "overall grade management", and "Chart Function" can be used for "grade management and analysis for each learner". Administrators can use these two functions to view the percentage of correct answers for each question and the grades for each learner in graphs and tables. For more details, please refer to this article.
 About the features of learningBOX performance management

Member management function that can invite and manage members at once

In "Member Management", you can register and edit members of learners and administrators, and set the management authority of members. You can also manage members by group, so you can group members by class if they are students or by department if they are employees. For more details, please refer to this article.
 About learningBOX's member management features


In this article, we introduced QuizGenerator's quiz feature, which can be used as a learning aid for school classes.QuizGenerator allows anyone to create quizzes easily and for free, just by preparing a PC and an internet environment. The quizzes you create can be reviewed and prepared from any device, including PC, smartphone, and tablet.

With learningBOX, quizzes created with QuizGenerator can be used as teaching materials. You can also set up courses, manage groups of learners, and distribute learning materials to each group. You can use up to 10 accounts for free.
 Try learningBOX for Free

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