This is perfect for memorization! How to use e-learning to stand out from others [Useful QuizGenerator usage series]!

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This is perfect for memorization! How to use e-learning to stand out from the crowd!

A month has passed in the blink of an eye since the start of Japan, and before you know it, it's already June! My name is Kitaoka and I'm in charge of marketing and I'm slowly getting used to life in Hyogo🍎
This is the third time we've done this.A series of useful ways to use QuizGenerator!In this article, we'll look at some of the things we've all had to face when studying or preparing for exams"Memorization.I'd like to challenge this issue with QuizGenerator, which is becoming my buddy for study problems and questions related to Thank you again for your patience and support. To as many people as possible"The fun, excitement, and importance of learning.Let's think about it together!
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  • 1. Why do you study?
  • 2.QuizGenerator & CardGenerator
  • 3. Summary

Why do you study?

The schoolregular (periodic) test,studying for a testDifficult, requiring specializationnational qualificationYou have to learn to do your job.Special QualificationsStudy is an artifact that has a significant impact on our lives, our work, and our future. From children to adults to society."Everyone tends to take their studies seriously, but sometimes they just do it.
Studying is not only limited to the knowledge that you learn on the table using textbooks and notebooks, but it is also a way to learn about yourself through your interests and the sparkling things that you are passionate about."Growth.It can represent We have a lifelong and very close relationship with ourdiligent study. Despite the fact that it is such a big and familiar thing, there are no proper methods, methods, or probable manuals. If an environment for proper study and memorization existed and you could create it yourself, would you want to use it?

QuizGenerator & CardGenerator

QuizGenerator has an optional feature called Mode Selection that is suitable for memorization.

Master mode
It is not an exam or test, but is intended for repeated learning and review. When you create a quiz in Master mode, the quiz start screen will showStart Strategy Button, Overcome Weakness Button, Review Buttonwill be displayed for you to select. You can use the review button only when your rate reaches 100%. Also, all questions are randomly selected and there is no upper limit to the percentage.
Learning Progress in Master Mode
In the standard Master mode, if you answer a question correctly twice, you are considered to have memorized it, and if you answer a question correctly only once out of two times, it will be converted to "learning". Even if you answer all the questions correctly and get 100 points, the rate is 50%, and if you answer all the questions correctly twice, the rate is 100%.
By setting the option value #master_count to 1, once you answer all the questions correctly, the attack rate will be 100%.

Normal mode
If you create a quiz with Normal mode, only the Start button will be displayed on the start screen.
Normal mode is recommended for tests and exams.
For more information about Master Mode and Normal Mode, please click here.

CardGenerator is a system that allows anyone to easily create a web-based memorization card application from text. It is very useful for memorizing short words and vocabulary.For more information on how to use Card Generator, please click here.

Example:Let's learn some famous Japanese greatsQ1:Who wrote "I am a cat" and "Botchan"? A:Soseki Natsume

Q2: A female writer and poet of the Heian period who wrote "The Tale of Genji".A:Murasaki Shikibu

Q3: His representative works are "Astro Boy", "The Jungle Emperor" and "The Knight of the Ribbon". He was called the God of Manga.A:Osamu Tezuka

Q4:What is the person depicted on the old 5000yen note? A:Nitobe Inazo

Q5:Former soccer player from Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture. Former representative of Japan. Nickname is "Hide".A:Hidetoshi Nakata

Q6: Right-handed pitcher, right-handed batter. He had a unique form called the "Tornado Throw.A:Hideo Nomo

Q7:Which Japanese astronaut is famous for "The Earth was blue"? A:Soichi Noguchi

Q8:Japanese automobile industry "The creator of Toyota Motor Corporation"?A:Kiichiro Toyoda

Q9: Japanese novelist, essayist, animal researcher, and professional mahjong player. His nickname is "Mutsugoro-san".A:Masanori Hata

Q10: Japanese manga artist and designer. Representative works "Dr. Slump Arale-chan", "Dragon Ball".A:Akira Toriyama

Use Memorization Card Generator and QuizGenerator (Master Mode) to memorize quickly!

This time, the study method will consist mainly of memorization.
Options to leverage
Randomization of choices → Use the auto shuffle function
Randomization of the order of questions → Learners cannot consider which questions will be asked when.
Question format (Multiple Choice) → Improve your ability to choose the correct answer. If you want to increase the difficulty level, we recommend you to change the question format to (fill-in-the-blank).

Memorize well with the memorization card generator.Start memorizing

Check the retention of memorization with QuizGenerator.Try sample quizzes 


This is the third edition of ourA series of useful ways to use QuizGenerator!In this article, we'll focus on memorization and how to study.QuizGenerator & Card GeneratorWe talked about how to use QuizGenerator and Card Generator to create a study method that is more suitable for you! Both of them can be easily created, edited, and published on the web even if you have no knowledge of programming or computers. Even if you don't know anything about programming or computers, you can easily create, edit, and publish your work on the web. If you have a computer and an internet connection, you can use it right away.

If you have created a problem but don't know how to manage or publish it: !!!! Please log in to our Learning Box. Learning Box is an e-learning environment that allows you to make the most of QuizGenerator and Card Generatore. There is no need to register and it is free to use. Use the Learning Box to customize the good questions and study methods you have created into a space where everyone can learn together!

You can check the detailed features of Learning Box here.See more

The Learning Box is open to everyone, from individuals to companies. Please take this opportunity to experience e-learning firsthand. You might just find something new! Thank you again for watching.