Widespread use of web-based tests (CBT)

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A written test is conducted in the selection process for new graduates. In the past, many of these tests were paper-based at the test site, but in recent years, more and more web-based tests are being taken at home.
This kind of online web test is also known as CBT (Computer Based Testing), and is nowadays often used for examinations.

  • SPI (Test Center / Web Testing Service / In-House CBT / Mark Sheet)
  • Tamate Japan S.H.L. (SHL Company) Web Test
  • TG-WEB Microsoft's web test
  • Web-CAB A selective web test developed by SHL Japan, often used for IT job selection
  • Aptitude test Cubic 

If you would like to host such a web test, or if you would like to host a web test within your company or university using your own questions, please contact us atlearning boxThis can be accomplished by using the The function to issue certificates, etc. is now available, so if you are interested, please feel free to contact usWe hope that you will contact us through


SPI3 > In-House CBT

English Proficiency Test > TEAP CBT

aptitude test CUBIC

Aptitude test CUBIC TRIUMPH ver.