QuizGenerator3.0.4 released

Release notes

Tatsuno Information System Inc. has released QuizGenerator 3.0.4 on September 13, 2013. changes in QuizGenerator 3.0.4 are as follows.

  • Chemical structural formula correspondence

    It is now possible to create questions using chemical structural formulas. You can use chemical structural formulas as1TP1 Te6xymtexformat, it will be incorporated into the player as an image. This ensures that beautiful chemical structural formulas can be displayed in various browsers on PCs and smartphones.

  • Supports multiple responses (in any order) to short answer questions

    With the new question format, the correct answer is the one that contains all of the specified keywords, whereas with the previous descriptive question format, the answer must be an exact match to the answer given when creating the quiz. This makes it easier to create quizzes that require multiple answers to be entered.