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Introduction of e-learning system "learningBOX

Grade storage and student managementbe able to do (something)
Would you like to use our learningBOX?

QuizGenerator is a tool that specializes in quiz creation. You need save function and student management function.
Companies and organizations, please use learningBOX! You can create quizzes, invite and manage members, save grades, manage learning progress, and much more.

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Advantages of using a learningBOX

If it's a learningBOX.Saving and editing and student managementYou can do it!

You can save and edit quizzes and tests you create, issue user accounts to manage students, save grades, and more.
It can be used in accordance with the more detailed needs of companies and organizations that use e-learning for training and education.

Try learningBOX for free!

Ease of use x low price

Up to 10 people.Unlimited time and free of chargeAlmost all functions are available in
Annual fee of 33,000 yen for 100 users

The learningBOX free plan is available for free. Feel free to try out the production environment with no initial cost.

Rate Plans

The learning box.
Why they choose us

The number of companies using learningBOX is over 4,500.
Many companies choose it because "it's inexpensive and easy to use.

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Reasons to choose us 01

Even if you don't have the expertise.
Anyone can easily create an e-learning program!

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There is a wide range of materials to support the implementation of the e-learning system, including a question creation form that allows you to easily create quiz questions without the need for e-learning expertise, and the ability to tailor the delivery of materials to suit the learner.

You can use the medical record function.

Reasons to choose us 02

Track your learning progress anytime, anywhere
And save your grades automatically!

You can use the medical record function.

LearningBOX has a function to automatically save the results, so you can view the results of each learner in a graph and table. Learners can also see their own progress and grades at a glance, which helps to increase their motivation.

Wide variety of question formats

Why we are chosen 03

PDF materials, video materials, and report assignments!
A wide variety of question formats allow you to create authentic teaching materials.

Wide variety of question formats

A wide variety of quiz questions and teaching materials can be easily created from forms on the web, and there are more than 10 types of web quiz/web test formats, PDF and video teaching materials, report assignments, questionnaires, and many other options for examinations and tests.


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Everything is for customers
Low-Cost and Easy-to-Use elearning Platform

We have received a number of requests from customers who use our web application "QuizGenerator" to easily create quiz questions.
LearningBOX was born out of a desire to save grades.


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