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Starting with QuizGenerator 5.4.1, you can now create report/questionnaire style questions.
Please note that this format does not support the insertion of images/sound/formulas.

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The first line, starting with #, is the setting for the entire quiz. When you add question data, use a blank line.
The first line of each block will be a question sentence, and the second line should be "textarea-report:" or "textarea-enquete:".
"textarea-report:" allows the admin to score the data in the learningBOX. As for "textarea-enquete:", a score is assigned when something is entered.

Scoring by the admin

Allocate scores if any keys entered.

The first line, starting with #, is the configuration for the whole question; the first line, #format:table, declares that the question data should be written in tabular form; from the third line onwards, each line corresponds to a question." textarea-report: "allows the administrator to grade the questions in the learningBOX." In "textarea-enquete:", the format is that if something is entered, a score is assigned.
Click here to see samples

A b
1 #format:table
2 #title:Questionnaire
3 Scoring by the admin textarea-report:
4 Allocate scores if any keys entered. textarea-enquete:

1. Click on "Manage contents" on the sidebar or "Contents" on the Dashboard.


2. Click on the "+" button on "Manage contents" → "Course" → Save
Select the course → "Content" → "Quiz/exam" → "Create quiz"


3. Enter the title on the Quiz/exam creation form.


4. Click on "Edit quiz."


5. Select a quiz format to Report/questionnaire.


6. Add a sentence.
Select a scoring method from "Scoring by the admin" or "Allocate scores if any keys entered."
Click on "Back" to save it. You can check the content by the "Preview" button if necessary.



8. Click on the "+" button to add a question, and the "-" button to delete it.
Confirm the contents you created and click on "Publish" to save the settings.



9. The following shows the sample image.