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How to put a link in the commentary

You can display explanations (feedback) according to the learners' answers.
This is a way to create a quiz where you can paste a URL into the explanation and click on it to display the page on a different screen.


Sample quiz

Add the URL you want to display to ,

<a href="/en/   と   /"target="_blank">&nbsp;list of options</a>

The following is a description between

If you create it this way, the URL will not be displayed in the commentary, but you can jump to the specified URL by clicking the word "here".

  • Reference text file

1) The person who discovered X-rays was Einstein.
180 degree
false|x-ray<br>For more information. list of options

2) Which of the following is not included in Shikoku?
o:Aichi Prefecture|Shikoku<br>➡"Kochi, Kagawa, Tokushima and Ehime Prefectures"<br>For more information. list of options
o:Hiroshima Prefecture
o:Okayama Prefecture
x:Kagawa Prefecture
x:Kochi Prefecture